9 Tips on how to Increase the Range of an Electric Mountain Bike


Man with his Electric mountain bike on top of a mountain



 Assistance mode

The battery life of an E-MTB depends largely on the assistance mode selected on the course.

 For example, on the Ausstech electric bike assistance system, you can choose from five assistance modes: Eco, Trail, Boost and Off.

Eco mode is a light assistance that allows maximum efficiency and autonomy. Turbo mode offers direct and maximum powerful support but dramatically decreases battery life.

In order to increase the range of your electric mountain bike , the easiest way is to lower the level of the assistance mode. For example, you can stay in Eco mode for 95% of the trip and only use Turbo mode on the remaining 5%.

Ausstech electric bike assistance system

constant driving and quieter consumes less power than the sudden use without regular modes of assistance.


  1. Change of speed and cadence

It is better to shift  gears regularly than to increase the level of assistance right away. An E-MTB is still a bicycle primarily propelled by human effort. You have to engage the right gear to drive at the right pace.

The biggest problem with an electric mountain bike is low pedaling (less than 60 rotation per min. ). Not only does this consume energy faster, it also wears down the transmissions very quickly. 

electric mountain bicycle gear cassette chain

In order for the motor continue delivering optimum power, you must kick the crank at the right pace (between 70 and 90 rotation per min.). In order to maximize the electric assistance, you have to turn the crankset at the right speed. And you should change gears regularly to optimize your cadence and improve battery life.


  1. Suspensions

 A good adjustment of your suspensions optimizes the absorption of energy during shocks and plays a role on the consumption of the battery of an electric mountain bike.

It is recommended to set your suspensions  with higher pressures for the fork and shock absorber compared to a regular suspension bike in order to account for the extra mass of an electric mountain bike.

The correct suspension adjustment depends on your practice, your weight and the terrain. But 15% of travel at the front and 20 to 25% at the rear is a good base to adapt according to your course and your feelings.

  1. Tires

 Keep the correct pressure in your tires. This is underestimated but has a big effect on battery consumption. Better to have well inflated tires.

It's counterintuitive, but the tires of  E-MTB don't have to be light. Since the rear wheel is harder to lift off the ground, it tends to hit rocks and roots with much more force. Due to the extra weight of the electric mountain bike, the sidewalls of the tires are more stressed. 

Pumping air pressure on the Electric Mountain Bike tire

In order to avoid frequent wear and punctures, it is necessary to opt for heavy tires inflated to higher pressures (up to 30% more) than on an Electric Mountain Bike. A larger footprint also offers better possibilities in technical passages and climbs.


  1. Brakes

Just like the tires, don't skimp on the brakes. They are essential on an electric mountain bike in order to keep all that extra weight under control.

Electric Mountain Bike disc break

With the brakes in perfect condition, you will pull less on them and it will save watts. It is necessary to check the brake pad wear frequently before, during and after a ride.


  1. Clean chain

A clean, well-oiled chain provides better drivetrain than a dirty and poorly maintained chain. 

And on an electric mountain bike, the motor puts enormous strain on the drivetrain and especially the chain when shifting uphill. The chain should therefore be checked regularly for wear and kept well lubricated.

  1. Climb

On a climb, you must first change your gears before changing the assistance mode . Again, a high frame rate is better to save battery life. You just need to find a stable sitting position. The front is much less likely to lift on an electric mountain bike, so you can sit up straighter and focus on traction. You have to keep a high cadence and the engine running through gears. The ideal is to keep the momentum going by looking straight ahead.

  1. Descent

Don't forget to switch to manual mode for the descent . Even if you think it doesn't matter, because you won't be pedaling a lot, it does make a difference and it all adds up on a 30-40 km trip.

  1. Battery

Replace your old battery . If you have been using your electric bike for a few years, your battery may have lost its capacity.

Take care of your battery. Electric Mountain Bike batteries do not like cold and hot, the best is to leave them in a room at room temperature when you are not using them. 

Ausstech Monster 26” stylish Foldable Electric mountain bike LG  Lithium Ion Battery

Respect the charging cycles . If you do not use your electric bike in winter, store your charged battery and remember to recharge it regularly. Do not leave your batteries on charge for more than 24 hours unless you have a charge stop integrated into the charger. 

Equip yourself with a second battery to double the autonomy of your electric bike. 

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