All our Ausstech Electric Scooters are covered under our manufactures 12-month warranty for the original owner against all manufacturing defects. Parts will only be shipped to within Australia.

Warranty Claims       

• Any claims under Ausstech Electric Scooters warranty must be submitted through support team at info@ausstech.com.au       

• Before making warranty claims, we suggest you that you contact our support team as there might be a simple solution for your issue.        

• Proof of purchase must be required with any service required with any warranty request made through to Ausstech Electric Scooters.

Warranty Limitations

• One-year warranty to the main body including Handlebar, Deck, Forks, Motor, Charger and Control Panel.

• 6 months warranty period for the battery (covers malfunction, but does not cover deterioration of performance)

• Tyres ,Wheels ,Handlebar Grips and Plastic Decorative Covers are not covered under any warranty.

Parts Which Not Covered in Warranty Range        

• The user does not follow the "instructions" requirements, maintenance and adjustment, which caused a failure.       

• The user self-repair or modification, non-compliance with usage rules, and cause a failure.      

• Tear without permission, change the warranty mark and label on body or part.       

• Not using the original parts.       

• Use electric scooters for dangerous performances or riding extreme off road.       

• Irresistible natural disasters.      

• The failure caused by improper storage or accidental collision.     

• Easily wear and tear parts, consumables parts do not belong to "warranty range" Such as tires, steel wires and so on.      

• Self-demolition parts which is out of the Instructions scope.

Warranty will be voided, if

• The scooter or battery is in any way damaged through malice or rough intent

• The scooter has not been regularly maintained and serviced

• The tamper-proof seal in the control panel is broken

• The battery has overheated or been stored at a temperature above or below the recommended parameters

• There is any sign of water ingress into any part of the scooter.


We recommended that you to attach a photocopy of your receipt, showing the date of purchase, to this Warranty certificate and keep for your reference.

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