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Ausstech AX7 10" Electric Scooter
Ausstech AX7 10" Electric Scooter
Ausstech e-scooter
Ausstech AX7 10" Electric Scooter
Ausstech AX7 10" Electric Scooter
Ausstech AX7 10" Electric Scooter
Ausstech AX7 10" Electric Scooter
Ausstech AX7 10" Electric Scooter
Ausstech AX7 10" Electric Scooter
Ausstech AX7 10" Electric Scooter
Ausstech AX7 10" Electric Scooter
Ausstech AX7 10" Electric Scooter
Ausstech AX7 10" Electric Scooter
Ausstech AX7 10" Electric Scooter
Ausstech AX7 10" Electric Scooter
Ausstech AX7 10" Electric Scooter
Ausstech AX7 10" Electric Scooter
Ausstech AX7 10" Electric Scooter

Ausstech AX7 10" Electric Scooter

Ausstech Electric Bikes

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Ausstech AX7 10" Electic Scooter is the optimum personal transportation device you ever wanted to have.

Super compact and lightweight

The advanced quadruple folding design enables you to carry this scooter in your backpack supported by the lightweight aviation-grade aluminum frame.

Quiet Powerful 350W Motor

The super quiet and powerful 350W motor, integrated with advance regenerative braking will offer you extended range while offering you the best-accelerating power to get over many obstacles.

Detachable Panasonic Battery Pack

The top-notch Panasonic lithium-ion battery will never let you down when it comes to the range and the durability. Moreover, the ability to swap the battery in ease is another advantage as, unlike other electric scooters the battery can be removed and charged separately.

Triple braking option for optimum control

Your AX7 10" electric scooter equipped with 3 supportive braking options to give you optimum control and safe stoping of your ride. The disk brakes, pedal brakes, and advanced regenerative braking will offer many options when it comes to braking power of this X7.

Regenerative Braking

The advanced regenerative braking will generate and transfer power back to the battery, every time when you apply the brake.

 To take the hassle out of your ride, Purchase your AUSSTECH AX7 10" Electric scooter Today.

All our Electric motorized Scooters disclosed performance data is based on factory testing in controlled conditions and should be used for comparative purposes only. Your Electric motorized Scooter performance will depend on the road conditions, circumstances and rider in which you operate the electric motorized scooter. Therefore, Ausstech holdings Pty ltd cannot be held responsible for either the warranty, repair or replacement of products that don't meet our disclosed performance specifications.


Before using electric motorized scooters sold under Ausstech Electric bikes in public places, carefully read and follow the Australian Road Rules. The laws that relate to electric motorized scooters apply within Part 14 of the Australian Road Rules.

The laws regarding the use of electric motorized scooters vary from state to state. Please consult the laws in your state before riding any of our electric motorized scooters as Ausstech Holdings Pty Ltd will not be held responsible for any fines or breaches.

To find out which rules apply in your state or territory or if you wish to obtain a copy, contact your state or territory road transport authority on https://www.ntc.gov.au/laws-and-regulations/australian-road-rules

Always make sure to wear full safety equipment when riding electric motorized scooters.





24V 350W Motor


6.4AH / 36V Panasonic


Aviation grade Aluminiam Frame


LED Front Light & Rear Brake Light




Triple Brakes

Disk Brake, regenerative Brakes and Pedal Brakes


Front wheel Drive


Anti-skid Anti-vibration 10 inch vacuum Tire Tire


Dual 3 seconds Folding






RCM Approved 110V – 240V Charger DC29.4V / 15A


2-3 Hours




20-25 K3


3 Modes






Removable handle grip


Water Proof LCD Display 


136 MM


Full Alloy Kick-stand


Top Class Shift-lever






15 KG


13 KG

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about AUSSTECH Products. If you have a question that is not covered in our FAQs, please contact us via info@ausstech.com.au



  1. Do E-Bikes ship assembled?

Not necessarily. All our AUSSTECH Electric bikes come 95% assembled, final assembly is quite simple, you will only need to attach the seat, pedals, front wheel, handle bars and throttle(optional).

However, if you are concerned about the assembly, you should have your bike assembled by an authorized bike dealer.


  1. Do I need to service my AUSSTECH Electric Bike?

Yes. Our AUSSTECH Electric Bikes require service as a regular bike but all the electric components do not need servicing.

It is very important that you check and tighten all nuts and bolts securely on a regular basis.


  1. Is it expensive to run an electric bicycle?

Not at all. Each full charge cycle costs about 10 cents in electricity and that is it.


  1. Can I remove the battery from any AUSSTECH Electric Bike model?

Yes. All our AUSSTECH Electric Bike models are designed to be able to remove the battery.


  1. Do I need to remove the battery from the Electric Bike to charge?

No. it is not necessary to remove the battery as it can be charged while still attached to Electric Bike.


  1. How fast are electric bikes

You can travel up to 25kmh legally on Australian roads according to our factory setting. 

Keep it in your mind, AUSSTECH Electric bikes are not liable for any fines or damages occurred by overriding the factory setting on our AUSSTECH Electric Bikes.


  1. Do I receive a throttle with every AUSSTECH Electric Bike?

Yes. We are offering complimentary throttle for every AUSSTECH Electric Bike purchase. But all the 250W motor powered paddle assist electric bikes can be installed with only 6kmh maximum throttle speed to be legally ridden on Australian roads.

However, it is customer’s choice to whether install the throttle or not. So, if you wish to install the throttle refer to the instructions on how to install the throttle on user manual or give us a call if you have any difficulties.


  1. Do I need a license to ride an AUSSTECH Electric bike?

 No. All our AUSSTECH Electric Bikes are equipped with 250W motors. No license or registration required, and the same road rules apply as for regular bicycles.

If you’ve lost your licence, an AUSSTECH Electric bike could be a great option to get around.


  1. How far will my electric bike take me on a single charge?

How far you can go on a single charge depends on a number of factors such as rider weight, the number and gradient of hills on your journey, the capacity of your battery and the how much you rely on the motor to assist you. Refer back to each electric bike design to get more information.


  1. What type of battery inside the AUSSTECH Electric Bike?

We use genuine LG batteries with all our AUSSTECH Electric Bikes. So, you can rest assured that you are enjoying one of the best and safest lithium ion batteries in the world.


  1. Are AUSSTECH Electric Bikes safe to ride in Australian road?

Yes. All our AUSSTECH Electric Bikes are comply with strict European safety standard norm called EN15194. All our AUSSTECH Electric Bike range has undergone through numerous lab testing, so the customers can have peace of mind when riding AUSSTECH Electric Bike that, you are riding Australia’s safest electric bike. All our safety certificates are available for you to view upon request.


  1. Do you sell any folding electric bikes?

Yes. Most of our AUSSTECH Electric Bikes are foldable such as M003, M005, M007 and F007. Not only that all our electric bikes can be folded, they are lightly weighted integrated with Aluminium frames. So, can be stored in most car boots.


  1. Should I run the battery flat before recharging?

No. This is not necessary as lithium ion batteries do not suffer from ‘memory effect’. In the same way that you ‘top up’ your mobile phone’s battery, you can do the same with AUSSTECH Electric Bike batteries. An occasional deep discharge is recommended.


  1. How do I know how much power is left in the battery?

All the AUSSTECH Electric Bikes are equipped with integrated LCD display to determine the battery level. Consult the AUSSTECH Owner’s Manual for more information.


  1. Can the battery self-recharge during use?

No. The batteries are charged with a charger. Simply plug your AUSSTECH Electric bike battery in to the wall socket.


  1. How long does it take to charge the electric bike battery?

All our AUSSTECH Electric bikes batteries take about 5 hours to fully charge.


    17. How long does an e-bike battery stay functional?

Most manufacturers state that  an electric bike's battery can go through around 1000 charge cycles . At first glance, that doesn't sound like a lot - if you use your bike every day and maybe even charge it several times a day, you will quickly reach this figure.


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