Why Electric bike The Best Therapy Treatment Of Osteoarthritis

Old Man Riding on an Ebike
Yes. Contrary to popular belief, it is quite possible to be physically active even when you have osteoarthritis. This not only helps maintain musc...

Why Electric Bike is the Best Gear To Loose Weight

Overweight woman on and Electric bicycle.
When asked about the best, fastest or most effective weight loss method there are many different opinions. It is very easy to lose track of things...

Things You Need To Prepare On An E-bike Holiday Tour

Young Female preparing her electric bike for her bike tour
  The world of bicycles is huge. So that the choice is not difficult, we give you a few tips on which e-bike goes with which bike tour.   The choi...

What are the Types of electric bicycles?

Happy woman charging her electric bike on the way to work
  Mainly, electric bicycles can be categorized into two broad categories, depending on the location of the motor. If the hub motors are integrated...

Pros & Cons Traveling With An Electric Bicycle

E Bike on top of the hill
However, we do not necessarily want to highlight it. Quite simply because we remain convinced that with the technology that has developed on tradi...

 What is a Foldable Electric Bicycle?

Ausstech Foldable Electric bike stored at the back of the car
This is a Electric bicycle whose protrusions and frame can be reduced using hinges. However, its anatomy differentiates it from a conventional bik...

5 Reason Why You Need To Opt For Electric Bike Over Your Classic Bike.

Woman Texting On Her  Electric Bike
  This article is all about electric bike enthusiasts. We do not necessarily have the same point of view, but we thought it would be interesting t...

Ebike rental for guests Boost sales for Airbnb Host

Couple holidays in a vineyard on an Ebike

Cycle tourism on E-bike has grown in popularity in Australia  since the 1980s. This means that traveling by bike is becoming more and more important in terms of both tourism and economy.  

Charging Your EBike's Battery Best Practices For Long Life

Ausstech Ebike LG Battery
You have made the choice of the electric bike for your everyday trips or only once in a while. Due to its cost, it is essential to take care of it...

The Electric Bike Makes You Want To Go To Work Employers Should Know

Working Commuter on an Ebike
The benefits of the electric bicycle Fast and practical , the VAE is a gentle mode of transport, it is nonetheless one of the fastest in town and...

The Best Electric bike with pet carrier

Woman Riding an Electric bike with her pet dog
  Going by ebike with your dog, is it possible? E-biking with your dog is a common practice today. It is quite possible to travel by bike with you...

Electric mountain biking: discover mountain biking differently!

Biker Watching the sunset with his ebike
Cycling for everyone with the electric mountain bike Electrically assisted mountain biking (VTTAE), the first “ancestors” of which appeared in th...
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