Things You Need To Prepare On An E-bike Holiday Tour


Young Female preparing her electric bike for her bike tour

The world of bicycles is huge. So that the choice is not difficult, we give you a few tips on which e-bike goes with which bike tour.


The choice of your bike depends on the choice of your vacation planning. This applies to cycling with and without E. If you take luggage with you, maybe you need a touring bike with a luggage rack, if you also ride on unpaved roads, an E-MTB might be the right choice, a touring bike is also an option or even one with the Possibility to pull a trailer. If you want to use public transport on your trip, you should make sure that your ebike is portable. How much weight do you put on your bike and how much luggage you have? It also plays a role whether you want a women's or men's bike or whether you are taking a child with you on the bike tour. The possibilities are many. Everything works, nothing does not work.



An Ebike tour is a bike tour? Nearly. If you have to assess how much power you have in your legs on a "normal" bike on a long tour, you also have to think about the power of your battery when cycling with the ebike. How far can you actually drive until the display shows you in an eerily real way that your beautiful tour will soon be over and you will be pushing the rest of the way or pedaling very hard? What an idea!


Two young men ride their electric mountain bikes on the mountain

The preparation and planning for an Ebike tour is extremely important and, in some cases, differs considerably from that of a "normal" bike.



Here are some tips:

  • The length of the day's stage must match the range of your battery. So, plan in advance how far you can go. Tour preparation is extremely important when cycling with an ebike.
  • There are ebike charging stations on some routes. Find out from the tourist offices in your holiday region where you can find them and whether they are compatible with your battery.
  • Use the breaks! Enjoy the view and regional delicacies on an alpine pasture - pricelessly beautiful. Your body appreciates the replenishment of energy with carbohydrates. And your bike can fill up the battery in that time. If you ask in a friendly manner, the restaurateurs will be happy to let you use their electricity. Don't forget the charging cable!
  • If you are traveling long distances and high meters, you may need a spare battery. It keeps your back free and lets you enjoy the landscape carefree. There are now great backpacks for the extra energy.
  • Avoid carrying passages, they wear you down. An ebike is heavy. Yours too. Plan your routes in such a way that you rarely or ideally not have to carry your bike at all.
  • An ebike can also break down. Puncture-proof tires make your way easier. Especially since the weight of the Ebike makes repairs very difficult.
  • You should choose overnight stays in such a way that a bicycle garage or storage room is available. Bed and bike can help you very well here. Otherwise, just ask in the desired accommodation. Very often the hosts make it possible and find a safe place for your bike.

Gadgets and Tools for The Ebike Trip


Bike tour traveler on his electric bike

Long ebike tours not only require good route planning, but also a few thoughts on good equipment. We differentiate between “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves” - that is, between necessary companions and luxury that enriches the cycling life.

 Must-haves - you shouldn't do without these things

  • Bicycle helmet
  • Air pump (eg shock pump or mini pump- for bigger bike tours and floor pump )
  • Repair tools
  • Repair kit, hose
  • Key for the battery
  • Charging cable
  • First aid kit
  • water
  • Energy bars

Nice-to-haves - things that can make the tour nicer and more comfortable:

  • Spare battery
  • Special battery backpack
  • Bicycle Bags
  • Mobile
  • Cycle route map
  • Navigation device for bicycles
  • ( Bikemap as well as various apps on the mobile phone, learn more about this in this blog post


 We recommend bike bags for bike tours or for commuting. You can use it to take all sorts of provisions with you. Eating, drinking, or work utensils. Bicycle bags are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. You can find a selection of our bike bags here:

  • Pannier bags
  • Handlebar bags
  • Frame pockets
  • Saddlebags


Special Battery Backpack - The Ebike Backpack

The backpacks specially developed to transport spare batteries are really a great extra when going on longer tours. E-mountain bikers in particular will be happy about it. Anyone who has ever tried to transport the battery in a normal bike backpack knows the difficulty: the thing weighs around three kilos and wobbles back and forth on its back on uneven surfaces.

 You try to pack the backpack in such a way that the battery stays in the middle, but every time you need something else from the backpack, the self-conceived packing system is no longer necessary. Annoying!

 The special backpack with battery compartment helps.

 Not every backpack is suitable for every battery. In any case, make sure that your favourite battery pack is compatible with your bike model.

 The battery sits in the middle of your backpack and also has space for other things that you want to take with you on your tour. For the trail seekers among you, there is the variant with additional back protection. A protector built into the backpack also protects you from getting a back injury on wild stretches. The nice-to-have quickly becomes a must-have;)



You can certainly do some repairs yourself. But not all breakdowns are predictable. And sometimes you just need a professional. A good insurance helps to save costs and possibly even to get a rental bike for the failure of your own ebike. Picking up your bike in need of repair is also possible.

 Here are some tips:

  • Ebike and bike  insurance from our partner value guarantee


To get the best possible performance out of your battery, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

 A few little things that will extend the "life" of your battery:

  • Battery not completely discharged
  • Charge after every trip
  • If you won't be driving for a long time, remove the battery
  • Storage at 10-20 degrees is optimal
  • Use the original charger or make sure that a compatible device is available for you in the charging stations
  • Avoid extreme heat or cold

Here you can find more information, tips and tricks one bike battery care .


 There is no such thing as the perfect ebike trip or the perfect bike path for ebikers. It is crucial that you think in advance which paths you like, which region you would like to discover and of course the preferred daily stage length or the season in which you want to be on the road also play a role. You can find various different tour planners in Australia that will make your holiday easier:



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