How great is the training effect of E-bikes?

Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular. But does the e-bike also have its place in terms of training effect? Electric Bike clears up prejudices, current study shows and asks fitness experts.

No time is not an excuse. Thanks to E-Bike

Imagine a young working family father in his 30s,. Still fit, 10 years ago and  riding a bike was no problem. The old  bike is now stacked in the basement due to lack of  time for regular training because of work schedules.

He drives 25 min, to work. He sometimes leaves the house a bit  earlier and rides to work on the old, but still intact bike - to at least do something for the body. But the steep ascent halfway through the road makes him sweat and a bit exhausted when he reaches his workplace.

The fitness of the old days is gone and from a certain age it is very difficult to regain top shape. Due to aging bodies and gaining so much weight on the process of relying too much on the gas consuming cars for convenience.  

Movement is extremely important for every human. Not only benefits physically but also is good  for the immune system. It has been proven that people who move a lot are less likely to get sick. The connection between exercise and health has already been proven by a large number of studies.

If there was only one way to get to work on your own, but not too strenuous - that would be it.

And then there are the e-bikes! There are so-called pedelecs, which usually support the biker up to 25 km / h. Meaning, you still have to kick the pedal  to move forward. It could make sense for recreational athletes to buy such an e-bike - if it weren't for the prejudices about its benefits compared to the traditional bikes. Does it have the same training effect as a conventional bike? Is the e-bike a logical alternative for fit bikers too? Ausstech explains. The main concern of overweight middle age Australians was to test whether riding an e-bike could be a full-fledged workout for people who otherwise don't train often.

Test shows that  beginners - should be on the road for 45 minutes at least 3 times a week with the e-bike. For a month. The speed should be freely chosen according to your own well-being. The participants in the study used pedelecs, i.e. e-bikes that do not ride by themselves. The test were put through their paces analysis beforehand during the experiment..

The result: All participants had adhered to the time limit, most even sat up to 50 percent longer in the saddle than required. The intensity was also quite high. The average heart rate was 75 %  of the respective maximum limit. So the subjects had a moderate workout. And most importantly: each individual had significantly better fitness and health values ​​in the final test.

E-Bike is motivating than the Non Motorized 

These two results of the experiment show that the e-bike alone has positive effects due to the expanded possibilities it offers. The motivation to move more often and for longer increased in all participants. The associated effects on health and fitness cannot be dismissed out of hand.

Test showed another positive effect of motor assisted bikes. After giving access to e-bikes for two to four weeks and then compared their riding habits of participants with non-motorized bikes.

Data analysis showed that participants  with electric bike access were on the road significantly more often and longer. According to the data gathered, the average number of daily trips with the e-bike was higher  than the trips with a normal bike . The average distance covered by the e-bike riders was 10 km, which is significantly more than the journeys with the non-motorized counterpart (5 km).

Effective training effect thanks to e-biking?

When it comes to the training effect of electric bikes, one could imagine that this is only relevant for not-so-fit amateur athletes. Athletic demands on the electric bike are "a lot higher" than on a normal bike because you move mass. Fitness experts say it also had the positive side effect that the normal bike on of which it's easier to handle.

Otherwise, the training effect of riding an e-bike should not be underestimated - not only for amateur athletes.  “comparing the two bike types. You only travel faster on the e-bike. the motor assistance induces you to try less and drive the same speed as usual with less effort, but it is much more fun to drive uphill at 18 km / h than at 10 km / h or less even to go even closer to the limit." some athletes say.

a MTB marathon rider,could also see a positive effect on race preparation. "Before the race, downhill riders ride motocross bikes to train at high speeds," says the fitness expert. "As a marathon rider, you could ride the route with an e-bike with great effort and still drive at racing speed with the support - and train the right choice of line."

Many bikers do not believe in prejudices against E-bikes. "With the e-bike it is basically the same as with the handicap in golf, only socially not so tolerated", expert says. Everyone should try it for themselves." In golf, the handicap offers weaker players the opportunity to play together with stronger ones.

For trips in groups with athletes at different levels of ability, the e-bike could also provide a lifeline for those who lack stamina and experience.  That way you could drive together without any problems and still everyone can drive according to their own possibilities. I could also imagine that this would be an interesting thing for couples." The only difference is that with the e-bike, the professional does not get a handicap like with golf, but the hobby driver gets a supporting electric bike.


The conclusion: training with the e-bike

Fitness is very important to every human’s well being. But that's exactly what many working adults don't have enough time and motivation is what they need to look for in order for them to get active once again. This is true due to the fact that the top form often lies in the painful ride in the past. It's hard to get up for a bike ride when a short ride is exhausting.

The advantages of e-bikes for untrained hobby riders are obvious. It has been proven that electrical support increases motivation to move. This can do a lot after just a few weeks. Especially as a starting point after a long time without

training, the e-bike is a good alternative to build up a certain basic fitness again through play. 

But the pedal assisted can also be an alternative in many ways for more trained riders. The training effect is not quite as high here, but the e-bike is just as conceivable for regeneration measures as after injuries. In terms of health, the electrically assisted bikes have the advantage that they reduce the maximum loads and thus protect the joints and circulation. The e-bike has its right to exist in many areas. Whether for young or old, man or woman, fit or untrained. Prejudices about e-bikes are out of place. The positive effects predominate - also when it comes to training.

For the working father of a family, going to work on an e-bike would definitely be the perfect way to get fit again. And above all, e-bikes bring one thing: lots of fun.



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Thunder 29 E-Bike M003

Thunder 29 E-Bike M003

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