Why should Australian Restaurants start delivering their own food with E-bike?

Food Delivery Guy Preparing Food to be  delivered on his Ebike
Start gearing up our own delivery team with Ebike and regain your customers, brand and profit that you lost control with.  here are the disadvantages of 3rd Party delivery services? 
Very high commissions  
Online food delivery companies are notorious for taking high commissions. In fact, these commissions can go as high as 35% per delivery. In the restaurant business, profit margins are not that good enough in this industry, and the commissions may not be viable, even if you consider the benefits you will receive in return.   

Loss of relationship with your clients  
The difficulties of relying with a 3rd party delivery platform is that you don't have access to your customer information. Can't hold your customer’s contact information such as order details, name, or email – No way for us to learn more about our customers purchasing behavior. You have entrusted our customer data to a 3rd party delivery service. We empower them to do the promotion for us to send offers and promotions about other restaurants or our competitors they are partnered with. 
 You entrust your customer experience in someone else's hand. 
Outsourcing your delivery to 3rd parties service providers means that you have no total control over your client's experience. One big reason why is that you are not directly involved in your customer interactions. What this means to you is that your customer experience and satisfaction is in the hands of 3rd party delivery drivers. For instance, if the order arrived late or no longer warm and nice to eat, your customer handling service will be questioned for the not so good customer experience.   
 Loss of Branding and Reputation. 
When you rely on 3rd parties to promote your restaurant, Clients no longer visit our business site to order. Not only is this negatively affecting our brand’s exposure online, our customers are redirected to a delivery online hub where our competitors are sharing one portal.  
Very tight competition  
When it comes to competition, 3rd party delivery platforms promote fierce competition and that is exactly the reason why they make money. In order for your business to get more exposure and get higher in the customer search results, you have to pay more. There is more to be concerned about when clients are browsing these applications, they are presented with different choices before making an order. They will compare the menu you are offering with your competitor’s. You surely lose that customer order If your competitor offers a lower price than yours. 
Delivery Guy on his way to deliver food on his Ebike 
 Advantages of equipping your own delivery people with electric bikes. 
 Sometimes, you can want good homemade dishes without wanting to settle in a restaurant. Several solutions are then possible:  
  • cook yourself; 
  • traveling to buy a take-out meal; 
  • have it delivered to your home 
It is in this last case that we will be interested in this article. At this point, you might be wondering what the connection between restaurants and ebike is. Patience, we will explain it to you! 
The Different Possibilities for Restaurant Wishing to Deliver at Home 
  When you own a restaurant or a pizza truck and offer home delivery, several solutions exist: 
  • go through external platforms such as UberEATS, Deliveroo, or Menulog  
  • hire one or more employees to carry out this delivery mission;  
  • pay an independent provider. 
The platforms are often used by restaurants for the sake of simplicity. However, commissions are high and many professionals are now turning to other solutions to deliver their menus to their homes, for more independence and to save money. 
Equip Your Restaurant or Pizzeria With EBikes for Home Deliveries 
  Once the restaurant owner has made his choice and decided not to outsource home delivery, the question arises of the mode of transport used for the deliveries. Here is an inventory of the different possibilities. 
The car is generally not even taken into account because it lacks flexibility: blocking in traffic jams, parking difficulty, cost.
Walking is also not considered in a home delivery service. This mode of transport is indeed slow and inefficient, especially if the delivery person has to carry several orders at the same time. 
The Motorcycle is a means of transport often chosen for home deliveries because of its flexibility. It is indeed fast and can squeeze between cars in heavy traffic. However, it is noisy and polluting, and remains expensive, especially if you want to equip several of your employees. 
The electrically assisted bicycle has the advantages of the motorcycle without the disadvantages: it is also fast and mobile while having additional advantages. 
  • it is much more environmentally friendly; 
  • it does not generate noise pollution, which guarantees the restaurant owner peaceful relations with his neighborhood; 
  • it prevents employees from spending too much energy without being totally inactive: it is proven that having a physical activity is good for health; 
  • its price is more affordable than a motorcycle  
  • Saves time, money, planet, job, and life for good health.
Save up to 20% Commision and Delivery Fee 
Let your staff earn the delivery 50% fee if they have an ebike to deliver your goods  by letting your  3rd party  platform promote your business and have the option to deliver your own food by your own staff  ff you’re using your own delivery staff, the 3rd party platform like Uber eats Restaurant Dashboard allow you to set from deliver your own food or you can go back and let your food to be picked up by delivery people using the platform with the swipe from your smartphone. Then turn it back when things are back to normal phase. Offer pickup to your customers and save up to 25% from what the delivery service normally slashes from us.  
Finally, thanks to rear luggage rack and saddlebag systems, it is possible to transport a large quantity of orders in one go!  


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