Elder can now be physically fit for being mobile- Thanks to electric bikes for Australian Seniors

 Happy Elderly Riding an Electric Bike

For a long time, electric bicycles for Australian Seniors  were considered a bicycle for the lazy or the disabled. In addition, the models were mostly bulky and had more of the charm of a medically prescribed bicycle.

Today, however, it is true that pedelecs, as ebikes are correctly called, have arrived in all parts of the population and everyday use can no longer be imagined without them. In the meantime, young and old have taken a liking to these motor-driven bikes, and ebikes are becoming increasingly popular, especially among senior citizens.

Ausstech the best electric bike for the job. has closely observed this development over the years and offers various ebike models from selected manufacturers in the online shop , all of which fully meet the required reliability that an Australian Electric bike rider has to rely on. Safety is an absolutely stringent criterion, as electric bicycles are very different from normal bicycles and must therefore not pose any risk to the rider due to the higher speed at which they are traveling.

Who are electric bikes for - who is the use of this modern way of riding?

According to a study  it is primarily the retirees in Australia who enjoy an immense advantage as passionate Australian Electric bike riders. All seniors who want to be on the move quickly and do not want to do without comfort on longer journeys are well equipped with an electrically powered bike.

The pedelec is ideal for all age groups among seniors. Pensioners, who otherwise had to drive to their destination as car drivers, have recognized the added value of increased mobility with electric bicycles, especially in old age.

Take a quick lap, for fitness reasons or to meet friends for a tour: none of this is a problem with a pedelec. The technology in these two-wheelers is mature, the battery lasts well over 50 kilometers with an adapted driving style, more and more charging stations are available to ebikers. So, of course, trips over several days can be planned without any problems.

People with health problems, such as asthma, knee or heart problems, see bikes with electric motors as an enrichment for their quality of life.

Many of them used to ride a normal bicycle as a child and can now ride their pedelec safely on the street or in urban terrain. For this group, cycling means having regained a bit of independence and keeping fit even in old age.

Safety for Australians Electric bike riders - an eminently important topic, especially for older people!

In order to avoid pedelec accidents, separate driver training should also be considered before buying such a two-wheeler. The local bicycle clubs will be happy to answer this question and are available to assist pedelec riders with help and advice.

Of course, Ausstech also provides support and assistance on all aspects of electric bikes . Our trained team is happy to help you buy a bike. We have the necessary expertise and are a competent and fair consultant in all questions. Contact us: call or email is enough!

Riding an ebike is not without risk!

According to the sales figures, there has been a significant increase in traffic accidents involving electric bikes in Australia  in the past 3 years. According to a study, there were unfortunately also fatal accidents. This shows that riding a bike with an electric motor requires special attention when cycling.

Even though young drivers are now discovering more and more electric bikes for themselves, the accident statistics clearly show that older people in particular are involved in road accidents with electric bikes.

In this context, the police and bicycle clubs urge cyclists to wear a helmet. Anyone who is thinking of switching to an electric bike for seniors should be able to assess their own abilities precisely. Participation in road traffic and handling the technology of the bike required intensive practice. Appropriate speed, safe action even in confusing situations and a defensive driving style are the top principles when using electric bikes.

Basically the same behavior applies as when handling a car. It would also not occur to the driver to sit behind the steering wheel inexperienced.

A small overview - what you should know!


The electric motor brings a maximum of 250 watts. The typical pedaling movement is only supported, but not replaced. If a speed of over 25 km / h is achieved, the drive switches off.

Advantage: before the law, pedelecs are considered normal bicycles. Driving on cycle paths is therefore permitted and no operating permit, insurance or driving license are required

Recommendation for all seniors 


Happy Elderly woman with her  Electric Bike

When buying a pedelec or ebike, it's the same as buying a bike without motorized assistance: It is important to find the right base. 

The best electric bike for seniors or pedelec should enable seniors to be mobile and independent in old age. With the right attitude, the right bike and far from stress, cycling can be much more pleasant.

Ausstech ebike for seniors has everything in the shop that you need for biking with an ebike: the right bikes, the perfect accessories - and everything at unbeatable prices.

Ebikes are a great help for seniors. Thanks to the electrical support, you stay mobile, can do sports and master climbs on two wheels without any problems. Ausstech explains what you have to consider when buying. 

E- bikes continue to enjoy huge popularity among seniors. More and more best agers appreciate the advantages of electric two-wheelers and are looking for a suitable bike. But with the growing variety of ebike models on the market, the uncertainty increases. answers the most important questions:


Are eBikes too fast for me? What speeds are safe for me?

This is the legal limit above which ebikes no longer provide support. Seniors can continue to drive as fast as they want with the pedelec and keep their speed constant thanks to the electric drive. The big advantage: You are a lot easier on climbs than on a classic bike without a motor.

Modern, helpful and just plain fun: Ebikes are becoming increasingly popular - even with seniors.

Seniors prefer an ebike rather than no bike at all

“Exercise is the best medicine. But are you  too old or too lazy for cardio exercise? Use Ebikes.  Electric biking is a very gentle sport and is good for bones and joints. We therefore welcome the trend that more and more elderly people ride bicycles, Ebikes offer seniors and older people with handicaps and fitness deficits a possible alternative to conventional bicycles. They increase mobility, but require physical effort despite the electric drive. Ebike is one of the most popular means of transportation and is also recommended for seniors


Ebikes for seniors: regain a bit of mobility

Happy Elderly Couple riding an Ebike


“A 70 years old  who has ridden a bike all his life says ”As time went on, it became more and more difficult for me to keep up with my husband's speed on bike tours together. After I had tested an ebike on my last vacation and I was enthusiastic, I asked for and got an ebike for seniors for my 70th birthday. 

More seniors who would like to cover longer distances or simply cannot motivate themselves to ride a bike. For enthusiastic and motivated seniors, an ebike can make a contribution to physical fitness just like a conventional bike.

They also confirm: “After initially practicing and getting to know each other in city traffic, I don't want to be without my electric bike anymore. I drove 500 km in a very short time without overwhelming myself and now take it with me on my vacation on the island. It's easier to ride an ebike and hardly puts any strain on the knee joints, but you move them, which is what every orthopedic surgeon advises seniors. The only thing is that I don't sweat so much and therefore have to dress a little warmer. The ebike is a great invention. I don't want to be without it anymore. ”

Even if the conventional bike is unbeatable when it comes to health: it's better to have an electric bike than not a bike at all! And: better an ebike than a car. 

Older people should think about what they need the ebike for before buying

Older people cover short distances in the city quickly with an ebike. Which electric bike is suitable for seniors should be carefully considered before buying. Older people should think about what they need the ebike for most. If you want to do your shopping with it, you should say so when buying. "With some models, bicycle bags don't fit so well, If you only want to cover shorter distances in the city, for example, the smaller, cheaper battery in an ebike is sufficient for seniors." Under certain circumstances, a tricycle can also be useful as an ebike for seniors, as such models are very useful and allow luggage to be transported well.

In addition to the size, one should also consider the weight of such ebikes: It can be 25 to 30 kilograms that older people can't manage an ebike like this as easily as dragging a bicycle down the stairs into the basement. “You need a level parking space.” Ideally, with a socket nearby to charge the ebike's battery.

If the ebike is left unused for a long time in the basement, the battery should be at least 60 % full. Check every few weeks and recharge if necessary, to gain more life of the battery.

Seniors should seek advice before buying an ebike

Just bid for a pedelec on the internet and start cycling straight away? Not a good idea for seniors who are just starting out on ebikes for seniors. Which ebike is now best suited for seniors? Anyone who has never ridden an ebike or has only ridden an ebike as a test should seek extensive advice from a specialist dealer - and cycle yourself. As with buying a car, the same applies to buying a bike: 

Senior citizens cycle who are on an ebike for half an hour at a time. Because some ebike models support the cyclist more strongly, for example. For others, it takes time for support to kick in. But basically it's like cycling - only easier. It is also advisable to extensively test different models and brands. Test important functions such as braking and shifting. This will give you a feeling for whether an ebike is suitable for you and which one suits you best. Correct adjustment of saddle and handlebars is just as important.

Seniors should choose an ebike with motor pedal assistance that suits their riding ability. If you upgrade your conventional bike to an ebike, consider the increased loads.

The financial aspect also plays a role. Good and thorough advice is important not least because an electric bike is significantly more expensive than a conventional bike. So before you pull out your wallet, you should carefully consider the decision. Take your time.

Seniors who are still undecided as to whether an ebike is even the right one can borrow one first.

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Seniors should pay attention to the quality of ebikes and its legalities.

Are electric bikes legal in  Australia? Anyone who buys their electric bike from specialist retailers can normally assume that it is a safe product with a EN15194 certification - because without this mark, ebikes cannot be legally ridden in Australian roads You should not purchase bikes without such a symbol. 

 Quality seals can also be found on some ebikes. It stands for tested safety and means that the product (or parts of it, e.g. battery and charger) has also been tested by an independent body. However, such a seal is not mandatory.

Seniors should wear helmets and eye-catching clothing on the ebike

Elderly Bikers Resting with their Electric Bike

It is highly recommended to wear helmet. Whether ebike or bicycle: a helmet protects against serious head injuries in the worst-case scenario. Ebikes can easily reach higher speeds - and this also increases the risk of falling and serious injuries for seniors. But even at a leisurely pace, a fall or collision without a helmet can be dangerous.    It is also important for seniors to wear eye-catching, bright clothing on the ebike, for example a neon-colored jacket or reflectors. This reduces the risk of being overlooked by other road users. Black clothing should definitely be avoided. Other road users underestimate the speed of ebikes. So drive defensively. With the lights on, you can also be seen better. 

Foldable Electric bikes can always come in handy for senior Australian Electric bike riders who want to have their biking somewhere else. Bringing your bike with you in your car is never been easy thanks to foldable Ebikes, whose protrusions and frame can be reduced using hinges and can easily folded to fit into any cars trunk and back seats. 



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