How Can Electric Bike Boost Hotel Tourism

tourist coming out from the hotel riding an ebike

The electric bicycle is racing down the roads of the world and driving up profitability curves. The new lightweight and compact models appeal to tourists and visitor alike a destinations benefit from them.

Already offered for a few decades, the electric bicycle is well known to cyclists, but its weight and massive volume made it less desirable. A new technology propels the two-wheeled bicycle: the lithium battery. Lighter, more efficient and more durable than lead and nickel, charms manufacturers and revolutionizes the market.

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There is then an outbreak of prototypes and this competition causes a drop in the price displayed. The demand of electric bicycles across the globe increased exponentially. The results reflect reality: there is a boom in sales in America, Europe and Asia Pacific. The popularity of the Electric bike has exploded since 2016. Selling like hot cakes. The pandemic is giving it a good push. In the months of March and April 2020 alone, at the height of the lockdown, sales increased 88% in the United States. 

The Potential Of The Electric Bicycle In Tourism

senior Tourist woman on electric mountain bike

Is the rise of the electric bicycle an opportunity for tourism in Australia. Several destinations are opting for this sustainable means of transport which promotes physical distancing and gives greater accessibility to the territories. 

In Australia, its recently that Ebikes roams urban and rural settings.  The Adventure Éco tourism already lists at least outdoor businesses that offer assistance  Ebikes and Fat Tire Ebikes rental in the regions.

Bicycle professionals suggest that tourist companies and accommodations offer rental of electric bicycles. In the city or regional and national parks, they are excellent tools for renewing the cycle tourism offer. We can think of urban guided tours, or even trips of several days, even several weeks.  Eco tourists love comfort and the outdoors, but also gives athletes the opportunity to surpass themselves, going faster and further. Several tour operators are taking advantage of this. 

In the United States, managers of wide open spaces like the National Park Service have been working for more than a year to introduce the Electric bike to national parks. The possibility of reducing automobile congestion, increasing the air quality of the sites and reducing parking demand motivates the reception of this silent vehicle. Adventure companies already offer more  tours by electric bicycle combined with outdoor activities through the majestic landscapes of the protected territories. These adventures, which seem less demanding than traditional cycling trips, attract cycling newbies, families and active retirees.

In Australia, in the mountainous territories Accommodations that offers Bike Tourism offers to get on an electric bike for a microbrewery tour that includes an overnight stay under the stars. 

For regions with great unevenness such as The outback or great outdoors, electric assistance pushes the limits of distance and time travel. Combine powered cycling and sailing to reinvent mobility without a gasoline engine. Stays vary from a few nights to several weeks.

A few factors indicate that the tourism industry could benefit from the motorized bicycle. Among Australian who had done an outdoor activity, road cycling was the most popular leisure activity. The main reason that demotivates 30% of cyclists to travel by bike (including at least one night) remains the physical requirement it requires. Offering the comfort of electric assistance could alleviate the pain of effort. Some 58% of respondents indicated that the possibility of renting equipment encouraged them to "engage in activities in nature".

Some Challenges To Overcome

Although the tourist world acclaims it for its many virtues, the electric bicycle invites itself on already occupied routes. Faster than the traditional bicycle, but slower than the car, its place must harmonize with the car and bicycle fleets. Ebike use on non-motorized bicycle trails is approved by the law. Even if it remains controversial by nature conservation networks and hunting communities, the growing industry is convincing and is pushing the adoption of this new measure. Class 1 to 3 electric bikes can be found on the trails normally reserved for mountain bikes, on condition that they remain on assistance only.

The electric bicycle is the game changer and its recent gain in popularity represents an opportunity to develop the sustainable tourism offer and become an interesting solution to discover cities, villages and parks in a different way. Will you be able to take advantage of it?

Who is the core target?

All the hotels (3, 4 and 5 stars), accommodations and their clientele (families, couples, business travellers, etc.). The service is as well suited for the experiences that families come to seek during their holidays as for the business trips that one has to make during a business trip.

In addition, the electrically assisted bicycle makes it possible to totally democratize the use of the bicycle whatever its age, its physical condition and the relief of the region.

 What is the potential market? 

We are targeting hotels, resort, accommodations, etc.  in major tourist cities: but also large regions with strong cycling potential like hotel for cyclists and cycling enthusiasts, whether professional or amateur. For the benefit of those who are not professional cyclists, we have teamed up with Hotels with electric bike rental service that also organizes great excursions to discover our territory, mountain biking and city cycling in assisted bike.

  Provide access to a soft mobility service from your establishment, because it allows tourist to move easily and quickly and the comfort and satisfaction of your customers is a priority, Highly suggests you to add a rental of electric bikes. part of your value added service on your accommodation package.

So we offer our Ebikes to hoteliers at a better price than our competitors. This generates a new source of income for hoteliers thanks to Ebike. 

Hotel Based EBike Rental Service 

That if hotels became mobility hosts? The idea was to design a sustainable mobility service that could be found directly from your hotel bed. We wanted to allow travelers to be able to leave their hotel without having to go through a rental agency, waste time in line, or have to travel to search for transport.

By offering this service:  

Offering a new concept and / or a new approach to a tourism or leisure theme.  which is revolutionizing mobility from hotels. 

You give your customers the opportunity to discover the pleasure of riding an Ebike and thus you participate in promoting eco-mobility. 

Become a committed player in the service of eco-mobility

There are  self-service electric bicycle service accessible via a mobile application directly from the hotel.

Because this service will allow you to be referenced as:

 accommodation with an electric bicycle service

  • Starting point for bike tours
  •  Player in eco-mobility
  •  Sustainable tourism


On the one hand, we have the bicycle market electricity which is booming with + 90 percent growth in 2017, on the other hand, global tourism is growing by + 7 percent each year.  hotels with a sustainable mobility service, could generate additional revenue.


 What's “more” for tourism?

Car rental or paying taxi cab will be no longer be the top commuting option. Tourism is responsible for 15% of greenhouse gas emissions, EBike provides an innovative and sustainable mobility solution. Each year, billions are spent by tourists on polluting mobility, mainly because of the choice of car. For example, in Florida each year, 1.7 billion dollars are spent on transport by tourists only on their trips once there. And until now, no sustainable mobility solution exists specifically designed for these travellers.

Benefits for the Tourist

Using an EBike allows you to leave your car in the parking lot and make all types of trips without worrying about the level of difficulty of the route or the distance to be covered: 

  • Quick run in the city centre
  • Discovery of the surroundings
  • Family bike ride to a tourist site
  • Discover our towns and villages nearby
  • Stroll in our countryside
  • Go to your local grocery store faster 
  • Saves tourist saves money from taxi fare

Breathe , get some fresh air and let go of the magnificent landscapes Discover new wonders without frustration, treat yourself to electric bike rides and discover (or rediscover) the most intimate and breath-taking places in the Australian Outdoors. 

Discover the beauties of our eco tourism sites, stop to taste the food and wines of our scenery and discover the city from another point of view with the itineraries organized by Bike Tour Agencies! The excursions are suitable for everyone, from the simplest to the most demanding and you will also have the possibility of renting bikes even without participating in organized tours, for maximum freedom!



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