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Are you looking for a comfortable, economical, environmentally friendly, and healthy way to commute around Australian Cities? Sick and tired of traffic jams, long waits for the bus, or something else that makes it difficult to get the time in favor of your priorities and schedules? Then Electric bike will solve all these predicaments! Choosing an electric bike is not significantly different from choosing any other bike. It's about your needs and what you like to achieve. The road to the right electric bike goes through you. 

Here are the things that will satisfy your decision to have an Electric bike to replace your gas hungry, a carbon-emitting vehicle that will change the way your commuter lives for good, and here's why.  




 Electric Bike Health benefits Illustration

 Electric Bicycle Health benefits

 The most important item on the list. Cycling is an optimal and balanced sport. Regular trips, for example, with an interval of one day a week and a long trip at the end of the week, will have a positive effect on your health and figure. So, riding a bike, we:

 Strengthen those muscles

 The element of resistance to cycling helps to build muscle mass and strengthen muscles (legs, chest, back, arms) in general. They not only get in good shape but also become more durable.

 Lose some weight

 Low intensity, aerobic and consistent exercises are some of the most effective ways to lose weight. Riding a bike, for example, for an hour is enough to start losing extra pounds and unwanted deposits in the thighs. In this case, your body burns calories while riding as well as for some time after it.

 Strengthen the cardiovascular system

 Cycling is an excellent cardio workout, increases heart rate, and makes the blood circulate throughout the body. As a result, it is one of the types of exercises recommended as healthy ways to reduce the risk of heart disease. Research has shown that regular cycling can reduce your chances of developing heart problems by 50%.

  Lower that blood  pressure

 High blood pressure is a risk factor for heart attack. And cycling is one of the best exercises to lower blood pressure because it helps your body circulate blood from your feet back to your heart.

 Reduce  that  cholesterol

Cycling is one of the best ways to raise HDL cholesterol - good cholesterol - and lower LDL cholesterol - bad cholesterol. Just two months of regular exercise with an intensity that increases your heart rate but doesn't make you choke is enough to raise your HDL cholesterol by 5%.  

 Say goodbye to varicose veins

Today it is no secret that people suffering from varicose veins, it is very useful to make rotational movements of the legs, which causes the active blood circulation in the vessels, preventing its stagnation. A special exercise for the prevention of varicose veins is called - a bicycle. Well, to sit on a two-wheeler and really turn the pedals - this is the best thing you can think of to combat the disease. Especially when you consider that it is also useful for the knee joints.

 Strengthen immunity

Cycling is an excellent stimulant of the immune system due to increased blood circulation, as well as a kind of hardening. If you exercise regularly, you will be less prone to seasonal illnesses and save yourself from frequent pharmacy visits.

 Improve your mental health

 It has been proven that cycling reduces stress levels by 40% and, as a result, can curb feelings of anxiety by producing the hormone of happiness. You focus on the road ahead, thus distracting yourself from problems, work, or life, thoughts that worry you. Cycling can provide much-needed mental relief. Even 30 minutes of this time a day improves your mood and reduces the risk of depression.

 Improves sleep

 Regular cycling will help to improve sleep, which will have a positive effect on your general well-being. Regular cycling removes the stress hormone cortisol, which prevents you from falling asleep when you are tired. Thus, cycling helps you get rid of insomnia.

 Develop good lungs

 Regular cardio exercises, such as cycling, can help keep your lungs healthy by improving air circulation. Frequent breathing actually causes the muscles that expand and contract your lungs to work harder, which promotes the active excretion of toxins and reduces the risk of lung disease. Of course, the place chosen for cycling will contribute to this.

 Biking Improves Libido

 Cycling strengthens the cardiovascular system and special muscle groups, which is a great way to maintain sexual desire and resist aging, for men - to fight impotence, and for women - to delay menopause for several years. What this means is it improves and stimulates relationships.

 Fights cancer

 In general, exercise can reduce the risk of cancer, but cycling is one of the best sports for this purpose. One study found that cycling to work can reduce your chances of developing cancer by 45%. Eliminates free radicals and lower the body acidity lower the risk of getting a life-threatening disease.

 Put that Diabetes on check

 The more you do this physical workout the more you burn energy, calories, which means the more you burn blood sugar in your system. Cycling is a great way to improve blood circulation from the lower body reducing leg pain and swelling. Because these activities make muscle cells consume glucose, it can also regulate blood sugar levels by burning it through sweating.

 Ebike improve vision

 Cycling is very useful for eye training. In the process of movement, the gaze is constantly focused and jumps from object to object. Such exercises for the eye muscles reduce the risk of myopia and exacerbate vision.

  E bike improve posture

 Proper posture is important when cycling. This affects not only the comfort of long trips but also the speed on the road and the risk of injury. And while developing the right posture on a bike requires some practice, it can reduce the risk of back pain.


Remain Youthful

 Studies have shown that regular cycling can delay the signs of aging. The secret is, increased blood circulation allows the cells of your skin to receive nutrients more efficiently, saturate with oxygen, and at the same time remove toxins by sweating. Promotes the production of collagen - a substance that fights wrinkles. 

 Improves endurance and speed

 Because cycling mainly trains the body's endurance, it draws energy from the fat reserves, which helps you keep your weight under control that allows you to go faster and go further on your usual capacity from your daily physical activity.




Electric Bike Environmental Benefit Ilustration

Electric bicycles are absolutely good for our planet and its habitat as Ebike use electric power (along with human power) to mobilize them forward. If one charges the battery using green solar power, ebikes become 100% environmentally friendly and good for the environment.  Let’s face it – cars aren’t great for the environment. They produce noise pollution and air pollution and are one of the largest contributors to man-made greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. But since bicycles don’t run on diesel or gasoline, they can be an environmentally sustainable alternative to cars. 

 Do you want to help save the planet? We aim to encourage sustainable travel and transport. One way to make a sustainable choice is to replace shorter car trips with a bicycle. Transport accounts for a third of climate emissions in Australia and car use account for the majority of them. How can you then live more climate-smart? One suggestion is to use an Electric bicycle - or perhaps an electric bicycle - to reduce emissions.

 Less smog in the air

 Gas-powered vehicles are one of the biggest producers of air pollution because they pump out not only carbon dioxide but also other dangerous pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides and soot in the form of particles that cause lung disease. EBikes, on the other hand, no pollutants are released. For that, you are helping to keep the city air clean.

 We save on CO2 emission

 Even a short car ride contributes to carbon emissions and global climate change. What cannot "boast" of cycling. By choosing this alternative for a trip, for example, to work, you will contribute to the preservation of the climate.

 Eliminate noise pollution

 Bicycles are a very "silent" mode of transport, unlike a car. Therefore, the use of bicycles can significantly reduce noise levels and create a more pleasant environment, especially in crowded cities. In addition, reducing noise pollution can be beneficial to physical health, as prolonged exposure to moderate noise levels can adversely affect hearing.

 Less space to occupy

 City streets are oversaturated with cars of different sizes. Sidewalks no longer belong to pedestrians - they park cars along and across. There is no place for children to play near the houses, as every free square meter is occupied by a car. When our cities were built, no one expected such an abundance of four-wheeled transport. Whether it's an Electric bicycle- it does not require much space, up to 12 bicycles can fit in one parking space of the car.

We reduce water pollution

 Brake fluid, engine oil, and antifreeze, due to the number of cars on the roads, have become one of the main sources of water pollution containing various toxic substances that can be detrimental to the environment.

 We save animals

 The number of animals that die from car collisions every day is staggering - it is estimated at tens of millions worldwide. Although collisions between bicycles and animals can occur, much lower bike speeds reduce the risk of this possibility and are less dangerous for both humans and animals.




Electric Bike Financial Benefit Illustration


 When you choose to commute using an ebike, not only do you save money and improve your health but also the environment is benefiting from your smart decision. Buying an electric bike is a smart way to spend your money.  Here’s how an eBike can save you money:

    • Saves Gas – Charging your electric bike battery will cost you a few cents because it only burns fats, not gas.
    • Maintenance Cost– Annual maintenance on an electric bike is much cheaper and simpler than a vehicle!  Every time you ride your bike, you are reducing the operating costs of your vehicle.
    • No Insurance – adding a bike to your home owner’s or renters insurance is less than 10% of the insurance on a vehicle and there usually isn’t even a deductible when you add it as a scheduled item.
    • Time-savingElectric bicycle can get you around the city and go to your local grocery store faster than your car – Not to mention that you will need a lot of patience and money to find a parking space for your car and the parking fee that comes with it.
  •  No Parking Fee– You will save a lot from parking fees. Bike racks are available all over the city.
  • Health costs – A stride to your pedal a day will keep your doctor away. You don't have to squeeze time for your exercise to keep your body fit and healthy. Having an Electric  bicycle will do the trick. 
  • Car loan free – Owning a car can put you in a financial predicament. Owning an Ebike saves you from the interest of car loans.
  • No Gym Fee – You don't have to go to the gym and pay for their membership fee. Just bike your way around and enjoy the outdoors while burning calories and fats. 
  • Recreational Benefit – Riding your bike during your free time – it is cheaper form getting around and having fun.  With your electric bike, you can explore many parts of your city’s back road and restaurants that you never knew existed and go on to more challenging paths like the off-road and further trips than you would normally go.
  • Less Traffic violation fee - Less likely to be pulled over by the traffic police officer for traffic or parking violation and find yourself paying unwanted expenses caused by traffic and parking infringements fees.



Electric Bike Time Management Benefit


When moving in Australian cities, the bike is the fastest means of transportation. It is possible for the cyclist to choose their own routes flexibly and avoid traffic jams. The electric bicycle is usually accessible from door to door and it does not take time to change or park different means of transport. Here are many more reasons why you save time for having one.


Negotiate through Cities traffic jam

  We all know for a fact that traffic jams are our worst time-wasting daily predicament. We regularly find ourselves banging the steering wheel trying to find a way to unstuck ourselves from this stagnation.  That's the beauty of Electric bikes that comes to play where negotiating through the road congestion is no longer a hell ride. Imagine yourself freely riding to where you need to be in time and you no longer bother being stuck in the usual daily dilemma. 

 No to long walk from the parking lot

 Not all the time the parking lot can be conveniently accessible for us to have a short stride to where we need to go. Some can be very far that we don't have to choose but to painstakingly walk our way to our final destination.

electric bicycle is the best transportation that can save us time from that long urban trekking. Bike racks are available in almost every part of the city that made it easy for us to park it almost virtually everywhere. 

 Negotiate to any path

  Every commuter’s dream is to have the freedom to negotiate on any form of tracks, path, terrain, barrier, and can easily carry to transfer from one track or place to another. Wasting no time to wait for the traffic to move or no longer stuck to any barrier. 






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