How E-bike can help Australian and Foreign Students to earn while you learn


    Delivery Man on an Electric bike

 College students loved to work in food delivery for  restaurants, working in a fast food industry is no longer appealing to students anymore. Young Generation are  more likely to look for a job that they can still use their mobile phone and food delivery is very much the perfect job for them. Students still make up the majority of restaurant staffs. More older people who are returning to the labor market and recently foreign student and immigrants is constantly increasing.

Most of them has taken a delivery job where they works part-time or  full-time job “to earn some extra income while learning.  Young generation will do everything in exchange for quick money and freedom from stiff and controlled culture in a traditional workplace, young people are ready to live with the risky situations  they face every step of the way, fulfilling food delivery by Electric bike or Electric scooter, controlled by high-tech food app platforms. 

Years back  young Australian students  looks for a means to earn and to pay their study expenses  or look for a part-time job alongside with their study, Normally a job in a restaurants and fast food business near their schools.  But food delivery services are now starting draw attention as an Ideal job preference as  an attractive option due to its flexible time  and its good pay. 
Food Delivery jobs is very appealing to younger generation that offers  more freedom and flexibility compared to their current work where one has to follow orders from superiors.
     Earn $5k Monthly Delivering Foods With E bikes. Shannon a student says she work for 2 to 3 hours during the night, with the help of her Electric bike she worked in a Cafe has been working as a delivery worker in a Sydney delivery industry . Full time for more than a year. She puts in at least 70 hrs per week. It is more flexible to negotiate with your time and schedule; you are free to decide whether to work longer or shorter shift , and the pay is really satisfying ,you can makes between AU$4,000 and AU$5,000 per month. Gender can not define how much you will earn in the business. 

Delivery Guy On an Electric bike


Covid 19 Pandemic have contributed to the economic meltdown in the food sector but on the positive note it created a paradigm shift on how people still enjoy their gastronomic cravings without leaving their home thanks to technology that made it possible. Just a swipe from their gadget and you can now indulge to your craving for the food delivered to your comfort and that means a silver lining on the struggling restaurant industry paralyzed by the pandemic  with that said  means more jobs, food delivery services are springing up everywhere, absorbing around 100,000 people within two years. Statistics by online job platform show that the typical food delivery worker is 26 years old. Around 75% of food delivery drivers work full time and earn an average monthly salary of AU$4,000. This compares to an entry salary of less than AU$5,000 for college graduates, its not surprising that young people choose delivery jobs one of their most high earning options.

  This fast growing industry has hired around 70,000 people, whereas the brick and mortar food and restaurant sector is now facing severe, shortages of staff and manpower . This is an obvious indication of a paradigm shift empowering younger generation negotiate on their career options. Apparently, the chance to climb career ladders are no longer an option or consideration when looking for jobs. Restaurants and Fast food chains  are everywhere in any city in Australia.

 Many of them are hiring,  most of them are looking for part-time or students who are looking for a job. . Yet one rarely finds students applying for  waiters or other service personnel in these small restaurants. Restaurant owners express disappointed that students lack interest in the food and beverage business, and if by chance a student does accept a server job, they often quit not very long.

   The Restaurant sector is experiencing  labor shortage. Survey says, online job platform Australian Jobs platform listed the food delivery industry as the sector with the highest number of job openings, as well. While students tended to turn to restaurants and fast food chains for part-time jobs in the past, they are now flocking to more high earning job opportunities in the food delivery industry. 

  Young people who show the desire to enjoy more freedom in how and when they work are no longer a minority. The work ethics of the younger Australians have changed. They don't liked being ordered, pushed and controlled around. While external workers thinks that delivery workers are after the money, these young generation are only after for the freedom and flexibility the jobs offers not to mention the high paying opportunity which is so true.

  Working in the business cannot be considered a stable job. Not only does delivery work is not reliable to pave a way for an individual's career development, It may have a negative effect on students learning development and academic performance due to fatigue and lack of focus. Yet the fact that most  jobs do not pay well, it is the only type of means to earn money that most  young people are drawn to: high earning, fast phase and flexible,  delivery jobs.

 They find that the regular workplace not only fails to provide better conditions but also does not give them any hope. No job security or workers benefits. No expectation to develop their careers in their current positions, so they leave their jobs and churn to the delivery business.

Food delivery app platforms have deducted significant amount from their delivery fees, triggering a negative reactions from delivery fleet. High delivery fees is usually only a lure to attract food businesses in the start-up stage of the platform.  As soon as foodies is  hooked into the habit of ordering food from their apps food deliveries, platform company start to gradually lower their delivery fee. On the other hand, those workers in a traditional business, delivery workers in the food sector do not have much bargaining power..

Many young people are willing to give up full-time job for a flexible, high-paying, food delivery service jobs. Majority of young delivery drivers in the middle of a career transition, still hope for a stable jobs.


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