What is a Foldable Electric Bicycle?

This is a Electric bicycle whose protrusions and frame can be reduced using hinges. However, its anatomy differentiates it from a conventional bike, as well as from a removable bike : the frame is lower, the wheels smaller, the handlebars higher, etc. It is above all an extraordinary mobility device whose practicality continues to attract new users, according to reviews and opinions.

Who is it for?

According to reviews and consumer opinions, the folding bike is widely acclaimed by city dwellers, due to its smaller size, lightness and ease of folding. It is a bicycle that is perfectly suited to train / bus / metro intramodality. 

This makes it ideal for commuting to work because, unlike conventional bicycles, the folding bicycle is accepted in all public transport. However, there is also an increase in the purchase of folding bicycles for the holidays.

More simple to transport than conventional bikes, these are models that fit perfectly with the holiday in a camper or boat, according to some opinions.

Ausstech Foldable Electric bikes

How does a folding bicycle work?

The foldable Ebike is an electric bicycle with a system folding and unfolding which differs depending on the brand. There are four main types of folding according to tests and comparisons: vertical folding of the umbrella bed type, horizontal or side folding, accordion folding or dismantling.

If unfolded, your folding Ebike looks like a bicycle, when folded, the wheels, saddle, frame come together into a less bulky object. Some types of foldable bikes do not require saddle and handlebar height adjustment with each unfolding, which saves considerable time.


Advantages & areas of application

According to comparisons, product tests and consumer opinions, the advantages of the folding bicycle are manifold. Practical and functional, it is a bike that adapts to all kinds of environments . It is very appreciated by consumers for its small size when folded, for its lightness, its performance, its versatility, and above all, for its authorization in public transport.

While it is mainly used in urban areas for trips between home and work or public transport and work, the reviews highlight models that have seduced cycling enthusiasts on vacation, and it is not not uncommon to come across them by the sea.

Ausstech Foldable Electric bike

What types of folding Ebikes are there?

According to the comparisons, several types of folding bikes exist, depending on the practice we give it.

The urban folding bike or electric folding bike This is the most common model, the one that we find in all the comparisons. It is designed for daily use and is equipped with equipment designed to make the cyclist's life easier, such as a basket, a luggage rack, lights, mudguards, etc.

Simple and quick to fold , it is just as easy to carry, move and handle. Electric models are ideal if you have to climb hills regularly according to the reviews.

Most :

  • Simple to use and fold.
  • Ideal to be carried everywhere.

The lessers :

  • The weight of the electric folding bicycle models.
  • The price.

 The folding trekking or travel Ebike?

This folding bike is strong and robust, and has a luggage rack at the back of the bike, but also at the front. Perfect for travel, it will allow you to go to the end of the world without wondering about its transport if you need to take the train or the plane.

Most :

  • Quick to fold up to be put in the hold,
  • Offers great freedom.

The lessers :

  • Some models cannot accommodate saddlebags. 

  The folding sport bike

We find this model in the comparisons regularly. It is an ultralight folding bike and less equipped than the other models. Its design gives it above all efficiency and performance.

Most :

  • Its lightness.

The lessers :

  • Fragile frame that does not allow carrying a child or heavy luggage.

Ausstech foldable Electric bike

Despite what you might think, the folding bike that can carry the whole family has been around for many years. It was not just a foldable bike, it's actually a bike that can be disassembled quickly and easily slipped into a train or a car trunk to accompany a family wherever they want.

Most :

  • Ideal for family vacations.

The lessers :

  • More cumbersome than a conventional bicycle.


Ausstech Foldable Electric bicycle

Examples of evaluation of folding bicycles

The Ausstech folding bike is made of lightweight 7 Speed  Aloy Frame, making it easy to transport and store. It has 29 inch wheels that allow rapid acceleration. Braking is progressive and provided by Front & Rear Disc Brake brakes.

The Ausstech folding bike has many qualities, such as its water-dispersed tires, very comfortable saddle and ergonomic handles. It folds up easily to reach p. The Ausstech folding Ebike will support people weighing up to 95 kilograms.

Benefits :

  • Its lightness and easy transport,
  • Its maneuverability, s
  • Well thought-out equipment,
  • Its urban style.


Beach Rider Urban Folding Electric Bike

The Beach Rider Urban Folding Electric Bike  is an adult bicycle designed with an aloy frame and a Powerful 36V*250W Brushless Motor. It offers a maximum speed of 25 km / h and a range of 40 km. It will take about four hours to fully charge the battery of the Beach Rider Urban Folding Electric Bike

An LCD display allows you to adjust the different assistance:  25 km / h. Starting aid is available, and braking is provided by Front & Rear Disc Brake. The wheels are 14 inches and the total weight of the bike is 27KG.


Benefits :

  • Its reliability,
  • Its practicality,
  • His style.


  • No suspension under the saddle,
  • His weight.

 Ausstech folding electric bike

The Ausstech folding electric bike is designed with aluminum alloy, which provides it with sturdiness and durability. It will be able to support a load of 120 kg.

The Ausstech folding electric bike is reliable to ride, thanks in particular to its rear disc brakes , horn and lights on the front and rear. It offers a range of 40 to 50 km, and a maximum speed of 25 km / h. It will take about two or three hours for a full charge.

Benefits :

  • Its stability,
  • Its solidity,
  • Its value for money.


  • The mudguards are made of plastic and are easily scratched,
  • Autonomy below what is announced.

10 Benefits Based on Consumer Reviews of 3-4 Products of Ausstech

  • Lightness.
  • The easy-to-use folding system.
  • The minimum space requirement .
  • The battery life of folding electric bicycles.
  • Ease of transport.
  • The possibility of taking him on all public transport.
  • Design.
  • The equipments.
  • The robustness of the frame.
  • The performances.
  • The price.
  • The weight.
  • Plastic equipment that does not last long.
  • The low autonomy of certain electric models.


Frequent deficiencies and shortcomings - "What should you watch out for when buying a folding bicycle?" 

Ausstech Foldable Electric bicycles

Before buying your folding bike, take the time to establish some selection criteria using our comparison. The budget for your bike should be adapted to the frequency of use. If you reserve it for daily and intensive use, know that the budget will be more important than for a bike that you use occasionally.

On the other hand, you will have to be careful of the simplicity of folding , especially if you plan to use it every day. Also make sure that when folded your bike moves easily.

The most important thing, then, is whether your folding bike can roll once it is folded. Its weight and size are also criteria to be careful of. Take the time to test its comfort, the settings of the saddle and the handlebars, its equipment, etc.

What's Coming

The field of cycling is a constantly changing world. What will the folding bike of the future be?  Research and Development offices of several brands are joining forces with designers to work on new, even more innovative models. The foldable bicycle lends itself to this desire to create innovative designs, particularly in terms of the folding system. 

Alternatives to the folding Ebike

The best alternative to the folding bicycle is certainly the collapsible bicycle. Some models of collapsible bikes are designed to fit into a bag the size of a bicycle wheel. Another possible alternative: the fixie. This bike is emulated by city dwellers, because its lightness is difficult to compete with.

How long does it take to fold a folding bicycle?

Depending on the folding bike model, it will take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to fold your bike. Most brands offer tutorials to make folding and unfolding your bike easier.

How big is a foldable EBike when folded?

It will depend on the model and the brand you have chosen, but overall, the advantage of the folding bike is that it does not take up a lot of space, in any case much less than a conventional bike.

Should you pedal faster on a folding bike?

Compared to a conventional bicycle which, with larger wheels, takes advantage of inertia, a folding bicycle requires a little more effort. However, this gives him a playful side, as he is very skilful and very manoeuvrable. It is also a valuable asset when starting off, as it has more torque and will be more comfortable on the slopes than a conventional bike.

Is a folding Electric bicycle as fast as a traditional bicycle?

As with inertia, the foldable bicycle being equipped with smaller wheels, at the same time, it will cover fewer kilometres than a conventional bicycle. This is why they are perfect bikes for the city, touring cycling and relaxation.

What is the weight of a folding E-bicycle?

It depends on the model you have chosen. The weight of a folding bike can vary from 18 kg, to 29 kg  for electric models. The most important thing, however, is handling, as you won't necessarily have to carry your bike when it is folded.

How can I reduce the weight of my folding Ebike?

There are a few tips, such as changing your tires to replace them with much lighter ones, changing the seat post and saddle, getting rid of components that are not essential and modifying others to replace them with models in use. Titanium.

Is a folding bicycle as durable as a conventional bicycle?

The main weak point of the folding bike is in the hinges and levers that allow it to be folded and unfolded. However, the big brands today design high quality folding bike models with proven durability.

Is it better to choose a classic or electric folding bike?

It will depend on how you want to use it. If you want to get to work every day by bike only and go through a lot of climbs, then an electric folding bike is definitely the way to go. But if it's just a matter of cycling for a few minutes between the bus and work, don't overload yourself unnecessarily.

Can a baby carrier be installed on a folding bicycle?

On some models, like other Ebikes, yes. The luggage racks are high enough so that the seat is installed and the child can be comfortably seated.



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