20 Types Of Riders That Can Benefit Using E-bike


20 Types Of Riders That  Can Benefit Using E-bike

Electric bicycles have lot of things to offer, it surely  has to offer in terms  of benefits. But not anyone’s cup of tea in terms of alternative mobility.

In this Article We need to place things in the right perspective about the benefits of electric bikes..  We  want you to focus on good things that an electric bicycle can give you and what it can't.  Just to setting  the proper expectation to the future Ebike buyers.

Here are many ways that electric bikes are changing the way people are getting around.


Who will benefit?


 Electric bicycles have a lot of things to offer, it surely  has to offer in terms  of benefits. But not anyone’s cup of tea in terms of alternative mobility.

In this Article We need to place things in the right perspective about the benefits of electric bikes..  We  want you to focus on good things that an electric bicycle can give you and what it can't.  Just to setting  the proper expectation to the future Ebike buyers.

Here are many ways that electric bikes are changing the way people are getting around.


1. The Working Commuter

Man on his way to work on his ebike

Imagine spending 2 hrs in your automobile everytime you go to work, Then suddenly being stuck in a traffic jam that rendered you demobilized for the next 1-2 hours  getting to work on time is already futile.


Electric bicycle  are not really designed  for long distances travel. We need a reliable battery and even a spare one to extend the driving range. Considering  riding a bike on a 60km journey every day can be extremely exhausting. Alternatively,  you can use the bike motor powered by the batter to cover the remaining  distance and for the rest of the journey.   

Foldable Ebikes can come in handy, which can be carried in a bus or a train  combination of Electric bikes and public transport. Foldable Electric bikes can be  easily  stored in a car’s trunk. The Idea is to have a timely and sweat free journey.

2. Delivery Business Entrepreneur

Parked Pizza delivery electric bike

If you are running a  pizza  delivery business. Fuel costs are quite high because of all the fuel powered scooters that food delivery business owners rent. Insurance not to mention taxes are to high on top of all this expenses the overall maintenance expenditures . Noise pollution produced by the scooter engine  can also be a problem. If your business   is located in a very quiet  neighborhood.

The maintenance cost  of an Electric bicycle  is relatively low compared to motorized vehicle like scooters and the cost per kilometer is way to cheap.  Paying taxes and insurance fees will no long be part of the equation as part of your business overheads. The Ebike only noise is the whisper of the breeze of the wind running to your face. Peaceful  and quiet neighborhood could be established again. In addition, you also have the option to use Electric bicycles   to deliver heavy payloads..

Ebikes deliveries services  is the best solution for saturating the areas within a 10 to 20 km radius.

Parcel and package  distribution can also be carried out by using an E-bicycle. Not only its less expensive to operate, it is proven that in the highly dense urban traffic, it is also faster than other mobility like motorcycle, scooter, cars  etc


3. Speed and Adrenaline Addicts

 Want live  in high speeds or you are the fast and the furious type of  biker. 50 km/hr you want to feel the thrill of overtaking the cars behind you. 

Normally most Ebikes out in the market cannot achieve speed faster than 40km/hr. at its peak performance. If you are an adrenaline junky and always want the thrill of speed, you should try something  else that offers such performance. Perhaps  considering obtaining  an E-motorcycle that requires you to have a drivers license . Normal electric bike can only  give you an average travel speed that is  20-30 kph compared  to a regular bicycle that can travel 10-20 kph. 


4. The City Dweller

Young woman riding electric bike to work.


Living in the center of a heavily populated city, going to work is just a few minutes’ drive away in an normal traffic which can only be seen during midnight till dawn. Traffic jam is a common site on the road and a few minutes ride can take an hour or more while being stuck in a bumper to bumper road condition  Using your car is suicidal, considering parking spaces are not enough and the last resort will be a very expensive parking lot. Using a bike to get around can be a cool alternative that if you don’t care going to work sweaty.

Thanks to electric bike you can now escape the traffic jams, and the never-ending quest to find a parking space.  On top of it you will get your well deserve exercise to get fit and save money at the same time. 

Let say travelling in an automobile is  the most reliable and the fastest way to reach your destination. That is  not always true in the case of negotiating the city traffic condition. For a shorter drive the Ebike can navigate faster. Have you consider how much time you spend   starting your car before getting it out of the garage and drive way, being forever stuck in a bumper to bumper traffic jam  how much time you burn just finding yourself a parking lot, All of these predicament can be avoided if you considering to have an alternative mobility with the help of an Electric Bike

Most of your short trips are located within 25 km radius from your dwelling place, there are lots of benefits of an for all sort of errands in the life of  an urban commuters.


5. The Environmentalist 

 Those who decided to cut the  overall consumption of fossil fuel and narrow down the carbon foot print, not only you  save money on the process but also saving the environment from the damage caused by the carbon emission from the gas fueled automobile. 

Environmentalist Driving an Ebike

No doubt Ebike can save you lots of  money. Overall maintenance expenses per mile costs are incredibly low compared to other means of transportation like owning a private car. Also, as an eco-friendly person, transitioning to an eco-friendly mode of transportation like Ebike best way to dramatically  reduce your energy consumption and expenses. ROI or Return of Investment only takes a very short period of time to achieve.

For most of us, during our short trips we can instead use an ebike to stop polluting our only planet that  we humans will benefit from.  Lets live  an environmentally friendly lifestyle. In comparison  between the environmental impact of different modes of mobility..

There are also other ways of charging your electric bike with alternative and  renewable sources of energy like solar charging cells. 


6. Suspended Drivers License Owner

  If your drivers License got suspended due to a traffic violation involvement so the city government took away your car and drivers  license for a long period of time, you  can use an ebike as a replacement."

You dont need a license to ride an ebike

So many people can relate to this. That is why it is highly recommended   use electric bicycles if ever you find yourself in this kind of predicament under such penalty. Many have chosen to stick and continue to use it even beyond the penalty duration. If you happened to travel long distance daily, combination of  ebike and  public transportation works very well.

You don’t need drivers license to drive electric bicycles so if you don't have one or it was suspended  an Ebike  can be the best  solution for an alternative mobility..

7. The Off Road Bikers

There are these biker who wants to go to higher grounds and terrain where  mountains all around. There is no reason for you to ignore and  without you being awed by the scenery.  The thing is is that is almost  impossible to use regular bicycle in a difficult trail like this if you are not extremely fit. Thanks to Ebike these can be achievable even for the not so fit cyclist to achieve this feat.


Electric Mountain Bike  in action on top of a hill

The main reason so many bikers switch from regular bike  to Ebikes is because of the ebike to easily  carry them on  this very challenging trail with  much less effort. There are so many Mountain Electric bikes for us  choose from. Choose  quality ebikes that can carry out the task  by serving you in this steep terrains.


8. The Elderly Rider

 With electric bike you feel like you are 30 years younger!  Many elderlies were compelled to stop cycling due to their age as much as they still want to.  But now they can sit on the saddle once again on an ebike and enjoy the ride like they used to.

elderly biker fixing her Ebike

With the help of an electric bike, steep hill will no longer be a problem to negotiate with. No worries of getting tired so fast the middle of the travel. Thanks to pedal assisted motor.  You can now rejuvenate not only your body but also your cycling life again.

Many old people utilize their Ebike to mobilize or an alternative transport and still getting fit at the same time for short travel getting around the town. Bike can be a to tool to regenerate sparks in your family’s relationship by keeping up with their more fitted children or partner by riding bike along with them.


9. Police Officers

 If you are a policeman who regularly patrol the city proximity as part of your daily routine in a very dense city were getting around with a patrol car can be difficult  most of time, specially dealing with narrow alleys can be highly challenging. Maneuverability and road flexibility takes a lot of skills to easily negotiate with this common road obstacles. When you have to issue a ticket for a traffic violation for instance. First you need to find a safe place to part your mobile car and this is not an easy task to carry out.

Police men Riding their Ebikes

Thanks to Ebike these can be easily solve these predicaments from the policeman daily lives.  You can easily place your bicycle next to the parked vehicle and then you can now issue the ticket, just like that.

Electric bikes are having a quiet motor and can very fast at will. They can offer police officers the extra speed which is not possible with a regular bike while maintaining all the advantages of bicycles like mobility, flexibility, maneuverability, on and off-road riding ability and many more.

With a regular bike you must be physically fit, sweating a lot is one drawback and you won't be fast enough compared to its evolved counterpart, an electric bicycle solves all these problems.

There are police departments already have a fleet of bike as part of their means of mobility to patrol around, imagine what benefit that Ebike can offer if they convert their entire fleet and transition to electric ones with relatively low budget. Not only that, imagine how much they will save from fuel is relatively big (patrol cars rolling around the city can burn a lot of gas and money. 


10. One who bikes for a living

 Working Students who works as food delivery guy during their spare time to earn money with the help of electric bike.


 College students loved to work in food delivery for  restaurants, working in a fast food industry is no longer appealing to students anymore. Young Generation are  more likely to look for a job that they can still use their mobile phone and food delivery is very much the perfect job for them. Students still make up the majority of restaurant staffs. More older people who are returning to the labor market and recently foreign student and immigrants is constantly increasing.

Most of them has taken a delivery job where they works part-time or  full-time job “to earn some extra income while learning.  Young generation will do everything in exchange for quick money and freedom from stiff and controlled culture in a traditional workplace, young people are ready to live with the risky situations  they face every step of the way, fulfilling food delivery by Electric bike


11. Who hates to drive a car

 If you happened to live in the city, and parking fees are not cheap. Finding parking space near my house is not an easy task.  Most of the travel are just short trips and sometime using it for long travel. How about using an Ebike instead to cover your short trips. 

Ebike vs Car

Prior to the advent of the electric bike. Cars is a must have or something you can’t live without to get you around where we need to go. May it be for a holiday trip, driving kids to school or just haul some heavy load from one place to another.  and vast majority) of your other trips you can use an ebike.

Most of our travel time are within 1 to 2 km from home. Roughly about 50% of the car owners drives about an average of 6 km to work. If you come to think of it on the practical side of commuting it is more sensible to use ebike for this kind of short trips.

Considering getting an electric bike as an alternative mobility  instead of using gas fueled vehicle. Think of the   money you will save on gas that this option can offer, alleviate  pollution and traffic congestion  in the highly populated areas, saves time by cutting trips. 


12. Bike for leisure and Sports

 Biking is a light sport activities. Riding a bike around the park is a leisure activity to breath some fresh air and get some lite exercise to get fit. Does an Ebike can give more benefits than the regular one we normally use.

Couple Touring on an Electric Bikes

Ebikes are great for getting fit while having fun at the park or at a bike trail. If you feel like going to a more challenging track or just simply sweating out to keep you in shape and fit. Ebike is the right tool for the job. Have a worry-free day by having fun and enjoying the ride with family and friends.

It is more fun if ride together with other stronger cyclist on Ebikes and want to keep in pace. Bike tours is now possible for everyone on the tour without excluding someone who is not strong enough to bike, thanks to the electric power motor that makes pedaling a lot easier.

Ebikes improves health and well-being. Compared to  stationary bikes that we normally use indoors. What Ebikes offer is the mobility that you can go and explore the outdoor while getting fit. With that said,  getting fit  on an electric bike can be also done with your other routines, like going to work, and buying something from the grocery store or  at the nearby shop. 



13. One who lives off grid

 Living in a very small populated remote area. Spend so much money for gas every month because you need to drive your car wherever and whenever you need to. Doing it by bicycle on a regular basis is definitely not possible. Thanks to  electric bikes going to the town to buy supplies wouldn’t be that costly anymore.



Woman with her Ebike in the mountain

You can now drive further compared to regular bikes; Ebikes made it possible to be used daily as an alternative.

The availability of public transportation service is usually scarce in rural areas, gas prices are likely to keep on escalating so an ebike can indeed be the best solution.

 Many countries promote and explain the idea of using an ebike in the rural areas. Specially in some poor countries, where road condition is very poor, with more rough roads than concrete.  They can use Ebikes as an affordable alternative transportation. Ebikes can connect towns and give people the ability travel further without spending to much in gasoline and exhausting yourself to much like in a regular bike.



14. Students

 Students can definitely benefit from having an Ebike for their mobility inside a vast university. Getting around from one building to another can be exhausting, consuming much needed energy for studying.


Student Renting an Ebike

Students can now ride an Ebike to bounce to and from your school and move from one class to another. A standard Ebikes offers excellent range to get around the school yard and be more than enough to cruise around a large campus and drive back to your dorm.

You can even buy a folding electric bicycle if you live in a small dorm room. A folding ebike can be stored even under a bed or in the closets. Foldable Ebikes are can easily store for a fresh full charge of the battery

You can store the battery cell to the steel frame of the bicycle or keep the battery with you and charge it during a class.

Using an electric bicycle for large institutions like universities (or large businesses campus, airports, hospitals etc.) make a lot of sense.

Students,  who normally stretched their budget, can now  save more money on fuel.


 15. Person with Disabilities

 Cyclists who just had their surgery and partially disabled, since biking is something you can’t stand not doing for a long period but pedaling can be so hard or might add more to the injury or painful to your legs. Do not  worry you can still enjoy what you love doing with the help of an Ebike.

Injured Young Female Sitting with her Ebike

An Ebike, can gradually ease back into riding a bicycle. If you wont be able to  pedal at full power on your regular bike due to your injury, the electric motor assisted pedaling can compensate the lost effort..

The preferred option in your case is to use an Ebike. An Electric Bike boost  your pedaling effort with a proportional pedal assistance motor which you can determine how much of the battery power you want to apply by throttling to accelerate or reduce speed. So you can start with a high level of motor assisted function and gradually ease all the way to less or no assistance. Some Ebikes gives the option to turn off the motor meaning that the ebike functionality as a workout bicycle can be obtain.

If you have been restricted or limited mobility due to some injury or disability, perhaps an electric bike can offer the mobility, portability and maneuverability despite your handicap.


16. Parental Bike

 As a parent most of us of have had the fair share of experience dropping our kids to school by car. There is a better way of doing it and that is riding them in an E- bike to school. You will love to do it more, it's a really  fun, but only few exemption  like very hot days, or  tight schedule or things that prevents you  from doing so. Does an Ebike can make me to a super mom?


Mother  riding her baby on her Ebike

The electric motor can still be fully functionable still performs well even with the extra weight of one or two children. You don't have to pedal most of the time so you will enjoy the trip with your kids. The weight of the child or any additional load can directly affect the performance of the motor significantly

With the help of an electric bike, the bike's performance in terms of rideability is extended. Meaning, even an average person would be able to carry one or more children up on a hill. It means that you are in charge of how much effort you would make. In the hot days or the busy days, you can set the electric assistance to high mode and in other more relaxed days you can set it to low.

One child can sit in the front carrier on the bicycle, and one child can sit on a rear carrier. A child trailer is another option.

you have to be aware of number of children you will be handling still be able to stabilize and maintain the balance of the electric bike. You have to keep in mind the number of load points that when you carry your children, This extra load points increase the stability of the bicycle. Any bicycle, but electric bicycle is an exemption, it's more important. The higher speed, the more powerful acceleration. Because Ebike  has  a low center of gravity points (on each one of the load points) is preferable for more stability and balance keeping you and your children safe all the time.


17. Bikepackers

 Who are the bikepackers?  We seek new source of motivation, wide and wild open never been visited territory. that are accessible any tracks or trail. With the combination of off-road biking, trekking, camping and backpacking by on an electric  mountain bikes comes with camping gear on rough roads and difficult trails. Most of the time we camp to spend night while enjoying the glittering canopy of stars. We ride and camp for days, weeks or months.  Traveling for many days, we can traverse and connect extensive trail and forest animal trail and check to see more of the area than if we were on foot to our next destination.


Bike Packing Traveler on her Ebike


We look for alternative routes that offers new source of motivation, scenery, tranquility, nature at its best, solitude, culture, challenge, inspiring riding, and the quest for discovering more that the outdoor has to offer and on top of it is the experience. You don’t need expensive facilities, What you  need are just places to bike and camp, exploring the landscape in a multiple day experience by way of traversing mostly dirt routes on mountain bikes. We have this craving to embark to the  uncharted parts of the map, Springs, Canyons, animal trails in the woods that are less traveled, and resupplies at any outposts that we can get a hold on.


18. Bike Campers

  Outdoor enthusiast  chose to use Ebike  to explore the countryside to escape from the city  for years. Many cycled their  way through the off grid zone in search for spiritual reset inspired by nature’s beauty and tranquility. If you want to have the much needed destressing, or just simply detach from the usual routine, grap the  google map,  pack  your Ebike up, and hit the outdoors.

Young Woman enjoys Camping with her Ebike

Bike camping is all about escaping, about being off the beaten path, riding somewhere you could never get in just one day. It's an antidote for stress and one of the most affordable ways to travel. Plus, today's bicycles are reliable and easier to ride than ever. Easy gears make climbing a breeze and powerful brakes let you coast down hills with complete control. Bicycling never felt so good and with little effort you can explore to your heart's content. Nothing more satisfying than chilling in a campsite relaxing after an exhausting journey on  the saddle, enjoying the natural ambience that mother nature's has to offer in front of camp fire, while preparing your  dinner and relaxing under a canopy of glittering stars a beauty that the city cannot offer.



19. RV and Mobile Home owner

  You have  parked your Mobile home in a nice camp site that offers endless sights to explore. But, just like everyone else, you might see yourself in a mobility issue there are some trail you may find it strenuous to trek due to the limitation of your leg power. In your leg capacity, you can only hike few miles in a given day. You are lucky if there’s a trail or landmark somewhere else in the camping site that you don't have to either negotiate by driving your mobile home or use a smaller vehicle that  you might be towing with you like small car perhaps.


With an Ebike, you dont have to deal with those restriction anymore. Mobility wouldn’t  be a problem anywhere in the park or nature reserve or you want to go to – just jump  on the saddle of your electric bike and you will get there. With its  60 mile range per charge, the ability to mobilize as fast and as quick to the  location and back with ease  is  possible. Compare to the regular bikes that normally  plodding along the track at 10 miles per hour.  Now  you can quickly zoom on a electric bike along any bike-rated trail many times faster.

  Ebike offers you more access to camp site, national park, nature’s trail,  and nature reserves, making it easy to run errands down town. Easier to grab and buy supplies as well. There nothing anything worse than inching  through city traffic in your Mobile home, or to find a   place to park a trailer truck in front of a convenient shop. Electric bikes make running errands a breeze. Instead of sitting in traffic,

Easy to Tow

Electric bicycles, are easy to handle and to store you realize  how  easy and convenient they are. A regular Ebike is the exact same size as a non-electric bicycle, and only a few pounds heavier. This means that anywhere you could store a normal bike, you could store an electric one as well just hang it on the rear part of the RV or Park it on a bike rack somewhere or on top of your Mobile home, Car, or Pickup Truck.


20.Those Who Loves Pets

Going by ebike with your dog, is it possible?

E-biking with your dog is a common practice today. It is quite possible to travel by bike with your pet, whether in urban or even rural areas.  However, this practice requires good organization and the use of specific, quality Electric Bike equipment to make the moment pleasant for the dog and his owner.

dog riding on an  electric bike

Choose suitable ebike type. To cycle with your dog, it is necessary to use equipment suitable for the size of the animal, in order to ensure safety and comfort for both him and you.  Today, the offers are multiple and make it possible to find a balance between needs and desires.

The basket for small dogs.  If you have a small dog, baskets, easily adaptable to handlebars or luggage racks, are ideal. These Electric Bike accessories can generally support up to 12 kilos. On the back of the bike pet basket where pet can easily sit up.


The animal trailer for large dogs :

For larger dogs or those who find it difficult to move around, the bicycle trailer is undoubtedly the essential accessory for easy transport. This fits on the bike, with a system that adjusts to the rear wheel.

 Very practical, this system is suitable for almost all breeds. You just have to choose the model according to the size and weight of the dog. Some pet carrier can support 20 to 40 kilograms.

 The child trailer for more comfort :

 For large dogs, needing space, the child trailer is an accessory that can be used to accommodate a dog.  This carrier, originally intended and large enough to store your dog as well as small luggage, if you are making a long journey.
 However, be careful not to overload the trailer so as not to put too much strain  on the wheels.  You can arrange the trailer with blankets to promote comfort.
 To save space, do not hesitate to remove the backrests and seat belts. The bicycle leash for large or medium-sized dogs: For young dogs who are bursting with energy, bike leashes are perfect.  This is attached to the front of the bike and allows the owner and the dog to enjoy the ride.





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