E-Bike is Beneficial to These Type of Riders

Motorized bicycles  are very economical not to mention eco-friendly. With their extensive benefits, they make an intelligent replacement to carbon emitting automobile standard bikes and public transportation.

Market insights for electric bikes are changing, offering its practical benefits to all walks of life and in this blog, we focus on showing  our target customers, specifically who can benefit from using e-bikes and how they can change your life for the better.

Here are the following categories that you might fall into, check this  to know who uses E-bikes and how it  can transform the way we commute!

Recreational biker 

If you’re on  a recreational ride just to relax, but you don't want to end up exhausted and sweaty. Riding an E-bike for light fitness activities is a practical and best way to assure that you’re keeping a healthy body in a sweat free activity. Either your biking around the park or biking in a track, road or street, power-assisted biking is a smart way to ride to relax and enjoy. Ride your electric bicycle  to go around the city  and find it very convenient by easily avoiding traffic!

Student Biker

Going to and from School campuses on an Electric bike is becoming more and more in demand. Avoiding fast cars, No more waiting forever for the bus and save a lot of your pocket allowance! You can bike around to your next class while charging your detachable battery wherever  you go. If you are in a dormitory  room, foldable is the best choice for its compatibility on which you can store it into a small area conveniently. An increasing number of Educational Institutions and Universities support the use of  e-bike commuters and students alike.

Elderly Biker

E-bicycles have helped many of our senior citizens to get active again that offers less stressing light impact fitness activity and a great means of mobility, stiff climb on an elevated road will no longer be a problem and exhausting mid-ride. Because  of its power-assisted feature, you can ride your electric bike to make short trips around the suburbs, town, city to pay a visit to  a friend and family to take part in this healthy activity.


Exercising on your way to work to warm the day up makes a big difference to your working life and health . With an E-bike, to avoid sweats and quick showers before meetings, by running with ease and fast. At Ausstech E-Bikes, we know the importance of being on time  and efficient  in the workplace, and an electric bike will make sure that your productivity and efficiency are on check. Foldable E-bikes are also a great choice for the working commuter, due to its compactability and foldable features easily carried on trains and buses.

Mountain Bikers

More bikers look into buying an E-bike because of the difficulties of climbing hills without the help of a motor. With Electric bike your journey will never be difficult and enables you to give less pedaling effort when it comes to climbing and driving on steep hills.

Family Rider

Bike around through the parks with the whole family and drive  around faster and no need pedaling too hard . The family bikers truly benefit from E-bike, You will never get tired and exhausted easily and your kids will enjoy the non stop fun and adventures!

Delivery Rider

With no insurance and tax obligation, E-bicycle is perfect for those who work in the logistics and delivery industry. Getting you to your destination and where you need to be as fast as possible with less environmental impact, E-bikes are revolutionizing the delivery service. This transportation allows you to move around and cover wider grounds in a short period of time.

Ausstech Electric Bikes

We offer a wide range of E-bicycles at a very affordable price to make cycling a whole lot easier. Biking will never be so enjoyable and fun  into your journey. We stock and supply e-bikes throughout Australia, offers the best brands, including Beach Rider 20 F007, Thunder 26 E-Bike M003, Ausstech Super Z 26 M005

Visit our website and check our range today and order your e-bike online. 



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