Earn $5k Monthly Delivering Foods With E-bikes

Delivery Guy on an ebikehanding over the merchandize to the customer


As more Australian value their time more and more, food delivery services are gaining in popularity and the growing demand is also drawing  interest from the  restaurants to let online platforms deliver their food on ebikes in their behalf, that means the demand for food delivery drivers is so high. Platforms are paying good for the delivery service that you render per hour. If you are a student, you will need to combine study and delivery work, which is not impossible and more working students are earning to pay their tuition fees and other expenses during their free time. 

So now I got your attention and you now want to be a  food delivery driver with an electric bicycle, But don't know how and where to start?  It's  not really that hard  for you to become a delivery driver. Here are 3 very easy steps  to help you find your new, lucrative , adventurous job for Millennials and younger generations.  

You must be 18 years of age to qualify. Determine what time and  how long can you work.  Peak hours is normally in the evening that means more people order food during this hour because they are too tired to cook their own food after a long day of work not to mention many are having an events or party at nightfall.  Most platforms pay you per ride not per hour so the salary will be based on how quick you are and how long you can work  and chooses his working hours


Equip Yourself Properly

Before you embark in this industry, you need to gear up properly that allows you to work efficiently. You need to have a Smartphone for the Apps that you need to receive orders from the platform and to track the order as well. Transportation means to get around like (Car, Motorcycle, EBike) that will carry your goods to the customer. Each courier can choose the type of transport they want to commute with (car, moped, motorbike or bicycle) . Not necessarily  buying the most expensive Ebike, or the latest trendy smartphone. Depending on your budget, look for equipment that offers the best value for your budget and has sufficient performance to allow you to work efficiently, properly and safely. 

Ebike is the best tool for the job. Compared to the bicycle, the gas vehicles has many disadvantages, in particular with the fact of being polluting, heavier and really less practical in traffic jams and above all, they are much more expensive than the bicycle, whether at the time of purchase or for maintenance, not to mention other additional costs such as insurance or fuel costs.  Ebike make food delivery easy in the city. Ebike is faster and much more versatile, which reduces delivery times and enables more flexible routing, as they can mix bike lanes, roads and parks for very efficient travel planning. It should be Compact and small for small crockery or food delivery Keep food warm for at least 3-4 hours. Most Millennials and younger generations prefer to commute using an electric bike to get around the city or neighborhood because they find it  convenient for a shorter journey.  Choose the best Ebike that will perform very well for the job. 


Choose the delivery company that suits you best

If you are thinking about becoming a delivery person, there are very different things involved than how much delivery costs you pay for the service and delivery fee varies offered by different platforms you will work for ranges from 10-25 AU$ per hour so if you are willing to work 5 hours a day, you do the math,  AU$ 200 daily is achievable.  Most delivery drivers here in Australia chose between  Menulog, Deliveroo and UberEats to open the window of opportunity for you to be part of their delivery roster.  In addition, you also need a and a  TFN (Tax file number )  number, so that you can pay your tax properly. Keep track of your administration yourself: this is mandatory as a freelance.!   it is also necessary to have a smartphone to manage your work and orders in the field. All drivers must also obtain a license(For car and motorbike) .  After registering, all you have to do is upload the required documents for the selected type of transport (driver's license, technical license, ID card, etc.) to the system and wait for the account to be activated. There are different conditions for each type of transport, but these fully reflect the legal obligations of each driver of the chosen means of transport. So what needs to be done?  register with the platform of your choice. 


Conditions for delivery by car: 

  • 18 years

  • Valid driver's license

  • Valid ID card

  • Profile picture

  • Vehicle registration

  • Valid compulsory liability


Conditions for motorcycle delivery:

  • 18 years of age

  • Any type of motorcycle

  • Valid driver's license

  • Valid ID card

  • Profile picture

  • Vehicle registration

  • Valid compulsory liability

Conditions for bike delivery:

  • 18 years of age

  • Any type of bike

  • Valid ID card

  • Profile picture


Register and Start Earning

Now you made up your mind and finally chose a delivery service company you prefer to register , just go to their website and register. After you have registered, you will be invited for an interview to check your details and pick up your delivery gear (bag, phone holder) attached on your ebike. All you have to do: download the right app (the platform will guide you in this). After activating the account, you can receive orders and deliver food. You confirm all terms and conditions during registration. Nothing complicated! you can also work with one of the partners, and the Driver Support Center will be happy to advise you on everything. be ready for your first delivery and get started!  the more orders you ship, the more money you make, so the faster you are, the more money you will have.  

You should know that the more regular and efficient a courier, the more your reputation will increase with the delivery company, and the more bonuses and rides he will have. Make sure you always respect the shifts you signed up for. Basically a regular and reliable courier makes more money. 


Now you can own one  and pay later (Click Image) 

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