List Of 38 Things Of What Australian Should Look For An Entry Level E-bikes For Beginners

Ausstech Foldable E-Bike

The interesting things about cycling has never been as great as now and more and more beginners are also discovering road e-cycling. Finding a city electric bike as a beginner can, however, be very difficult, as many do not know what to think about or where to start looking. we therefore thought to share tips and advice on what to think about when buying your very first E-bike. 


 Here are the things that most Quality E-bikes for beginners should look for.

  1. Beginner friendly for easy to ride.
  2. You can use it for your exercise, sports or to get around in city streets and outdoors.
  3. Should have intelligent and simple push control system( LED Controller).
  4. Affordable E-Bike.
  5.  Saves me money (Low Maintenance).
  6.  With Pedal Assist E-bikes.
  7.  E-Bikes that are Durable and strong.
  8.  E-Bikes perfect for A bike trainer.
  9. Can help you save time (Quick Commuting).
  10. E-bikes that are fast.
  11. Can ride on a bike tour.
  12. Should be Eco friendly (No carbon emission).
  13.  Pre-assembled E-bike or easy to put together. 
  14. Promote healthy lifestyle.
  15.  With the right speed up to 28 MPH for beginners.
  16.  Small person can ride on it.
  17.  Should have a rear cargo carrier that supports load up to 300lbs.
  18.  Fold-able bike for easy storage. Convenience to take it anywhere (Fit in the car’s trunk).
  19.  E-bikes that is safe to ride. 
  20.  With anti slip wear resistant fat tires  for easy and stable balancing.
  21.  Soft and wide enough saddle for comfortable riding.
  22. Should have after-sales services.
  23. Should have good suspensions comfort-ability
  24. Offers at least one year warranty.
  25. Great braking system for maximum safety and security (Hydraulic Disk Brakes).
  26. Right size and adjustability ( Quick release or adjustable seat-post).
  27. With cool streamline design fashionable design for confident riding 
  28. Good distance per charge at least 40 miles per single charging.
  29. Senior citizen and Kids friendly E-Bike.
  30. Can run on any kind of tracks like off roads, mud, concrete. 
  31.  Should have helpful Customer Service and tech support.
  32. Should have horns/bells, and front LED lights  for others safety.
  33. Fast charging, removable and long life  battery.
  34. Complies with Australian road rules
  35.  Should be lightweight and easy to carry.
  36. Should have bike stand allowing you to park virtually everywhere. 
  37. Seller Offers Free Shipping.
  38. User manual available.




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