Why Getting An Electric Bike To Your RVs Is An Excellent Decision


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An E-bike for Mobile Home Campers is a great choice for  so many reasons:

 E-Bike offer a non exhausting option compared to trekking  long distances around the campsite or a short trip downtown to buy supplies won't be that hard any more.

  Buying gas will no longer part of your expenses to  errands or pick up items you bought from a  convenient store from down town market.

   E-bike make it  easy for you to  get around to explore the natural scenery and surroundings within the campsite or further exploration to maximize your enjoyment while camping.


Traveling  off-road and Trek on a difficult Terrain or Animals  trails.


In case of an uncertain situation or  emergency scenario, Mobility is imperative to have all the time  an extra transportation should be available in case your mobile home breaks down.


Things to Consider When Bringing an Ebike along

  • Keeping your Electric Bike secured and safe  

  • The right tools for repair in case of E Bike breaks down.

  • Spare Battery.

Getting  an Electric Bike for camping  or  Mobile Home / RV 

Choosing the Electric Bike for camping on your  Mobile Home / RV park or camp site or ground. Here are the following things to consider.

Woman with a man on electric bike resting at the campsite. Woman with a man on electric bike resting at the campsite. Family vacation travel, holiday trip in motorhome RV, Caravan car Vacation. rv bike stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Backup Transport For Campers.

There are  so many things to  consider when it comes to choosing the most practical secondary transportation on your camping trip.

   If you choose not to bring a second transportation towed by your mobile home. It's a big problem  to break camp to go and travel  a few miles down  to the nearest  gasoline station for a gallon of milk from downtown convenience stores.

If you find it  hard for you to travel by foot and walk or trekking, punishing  your legs, then you’ll need other means  of camp-grade  mobility to get around.


 Electric bikes can offer the much needed  freedom to enjoy your stay in the camp with less leg stress and  pain… You don’t have to drive your mobile home or RVs,  in times you need to go over to the other side of the campsite or park.


    Perhaps you just want to enjoy while  exploring the  area,  unfortunately  you find it hard  walking anything more than a short distance due to so many reasons like signs of aging or ailment or being overweight that makes it hard for you to go further even as much as you want to due to these obstacles.

    If you prefer to ride on off-road or rough terrain at all, Electric Bikes can be cool   substitutes for classical  or non motorized MTBs

E-Bike can come in handy as emergency transport. If your Truck if ever happens to break down on the road, an E-bike  can spare  you from  so much stress in this uncertain  situation — considering Electric Bikes have a 30 to 40 mile range. 

Most of the mobile home campers towed a small vehicle or jeep behind our Truck.

If you happen to live in a Mobile Home or  travel trailer  as your permanent dwelling place  which makes this consideration not an option.  We do have our RVs  ready to drive of course when I’m set up in a campsite. But it’s still an expensive option to carry it around for a short drive downtown to grab some supplies or  if all I need is a quick drive down the road for a few miles.

Traveling With An E-bike is a Bliss.

A motor bike can be handy.— but the weight and physical effort to load and unload something as heavy as over 400 lbs  from a rack on the back of the trailer is something not as easy as you think. It takes a well built able body individual to carry this task out or perhaps a  pulley or a block chain can do the job.

Not only that putting more  weight on  the back  of a travel trailer can be  dangerous — due to the uneven weight distribution, that makes it driving and  handling the truck during the long haul can be unstable and can cause accidents. We don't want this to happen.

Electric bike weighs about 30 kgs with a battery on it.  Not heavy  enough to influence the the truck’s towing weight limits and more manageable to drive to load single-handed. 

My choice for an RV electric bike is one that folds in half, making storage simple!

Pulling a  mobile home trailer with a pick up truck or small van  and designated a part of the  rear corner in the van for Electric bike storage. This is  easier  for  us to access the rest of the van throughout the day and a  bike rack won't be needed. 

The electric bike can be tucked away in a corner of the pick up truck unfolded. A folding Electric bike can fit in most spacious  storage bins in today’s coaches and  motor homes.

Keeping  Your E-Bike Safe & Secure

Choosing the right  foldable  E-bike is the ability to store it safely under a plastic cover.

Father and son cheking bikes on motor home Father and son cheking bikes on motor home rv bike stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Foldable E-Bikes can be stored anywhere from the top of a van or pickup truck or store inside the trailer coaches without occupying so much space by folding it to fit in.

Keep in mind that Electric Bikes  are considered water-resistant, but not water-proof. We don't want to spoil our vacation and trip to the woods when something goes wrong because of water damage, not a usual warranty coverage.

There are a number of options for locking down your E-bike and keeping it secure temporarily while you’re bicycling. I opted for a heavy cable with a stronger than average padlock. There are also U-shaped locks that seem more secure — but their shape tends to limit what you can lock your bike to.

How To Charge Your  Electric Bike

For those who live off grid permanently or  often stay for days at a time at a camping site or months at a time at a National parks

Camping anywhere  or boon-docking is a way of living that most of the time requires solar panel or alternative electric power sources since we are living off grid and using electric power appliances that include E-Bike Charger is relatively futile, thanks to the solar panel that serves as an alternative power source. Just plug in the charger for your Electric bicycle during the day when the sun is at its peak.

Charging an electric bicycle and an electric car. An electric car and an electric bicycle charge their batteries. Solar panels and wind turbines are in the background. Brandless bicycle and electric car. No real prototypes. charging ebike through solar stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Charging it full may only take 5 or 6 hours. Since I’m only riding  about 5 miles a day, still have enough power for my needs for the next day bike trek. 

Electric Bike vs. Ordinary Pedal Bike

 E-bike is always a better option than a classic pedal bike. Specially for those who are suffering from a joint injury or ailments, riding or pedaling a classic  bike for a longer distance is no longer possible.

Woman is standing with a mug of coffee near the camper RV. Woman is standing with a mug of coffee near the camper. Caravan car Vacation. Family vacation travel, holiday trip in motorhome RV rv bike stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

The pedal assist function of an Electric bicycle provides extra  power from the motor to help your pedaling easier and drive more faster!  Yes the motor makes the pedaling motion and getting some easier stride and offers  low-impact pedaling effort — The extra  force propelling you provided by the electric motor. E-bikes can run a speed  up to 28 mph. E-bike may seem a bit too fast at first, but  after maybe 20 minutes of pedaling, you will get the hang of it and become second nature. You will adjust quickly  to maintain an manageable, effortless speed, comfortably. Eliminating the hassles  of walking and  still slow enough to feel controlled.


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