Electric mountain biking: discover mountain biking differently!

Mountain biker riding downhill on an Ebike

Cycling for everyone with the electric mountain bike

Electrically assisted mountain biking (VTTAE), the first “ancestors” of which appeared in the US Patent office registered several Ebike patents since 1895 to 1899 (Ogden Bolton patented battery-powered bicycle in 1895 before falling into oblivion, is currently booming, in particular thanks to technological progress from which they benefit.

On paper, the concept is simple: the electric mountain bike is a classic mountain bike equipped with an auxiliary motor and a rechargeable battery.

Today, the Lithium battery (there are different models) weighs around 3 kilos and has supplanted much heavier lead or nickel batteries (a lead battery weighed around 13 kilos…).

Amplification of movement rather than pure assistance

It is indeed an aid on a VTTAE, however you have to pedal to trigger this assistance which allows you to amplify your effort.

The motor, powered by the battery, therefore amplifies the movement of the crank set. This assistance coupled with pedaling is cut off as soon as the speed exceeds 25 km / h (Australian regulations).



Electric mountain bikes that can exceed this speed are no longer assimilated to bicycles but to mopeds within the meaning of the Highway Code, and must withstand the constraints (motorcycle helmet, registration, compulsory insurance).

Bikes generally offer 3 to 6 levels of assistance that the user selects using an on-board console depending on the difficulty of the route. Battery management then becomes a real issue during a long hike. The battery is placed under the seat or on the luggage rack.

As for the motor, it can be inserted in one of the wheels, or better (because better balance of the Ebike) at the level of the bottom bracket.

As an anecdote, on some high-end competition bikes, a miniaturized engine can be hidden in the frame and therefore invisible; which explains why in major cycling competitions such as The Tour Down Under, especially at the arrival of The Tour Down Under, the riders' bikes were checked to detect possible mechanical cheating. The inspectors dismantled the crank sets and inspected the inside of the tubes with a camera.



The growth of electric mountain bikes in Australia 

Far from the number of electric bikes sold in China, 32 million in 2018, sales in Australia are taking off with 2.7 million electric bikes sold in Oceana in 2018.

The advantages of electric mountain bikes are numerous.

The electric mountain bike allows people who do not have the physical aptitudes to practice mountain biking to indulge in the joys of off-road treks.

The electric mountain bike opens up new perspectives and the discovery of new spots. On weekdays, more and more people go to work on an electric mountain bike. The electric mountain bike can therefore be useful to you on weekdays to get to work and pleasant on weekends to go for a walk.


woman going uphill on electric mountain bike

To summarize, here are the criteria to take into account when choosing your VTTAE (in addition to the criteria for choosing a classic mountain bike):

  • autonomy,
  • engine power,
  • the weight
  • the type of engine / technology


 Discover on ausstech.com.au a wide choice of mountain bikes but also electric bikes  for the city and the countryside among the biggest brand such as Ausstech Bikes etc. Note that the purchase of an electric bike may be subject to a Electric bike depending on your municipality to assist you in your investment. To find out all about the bonuses for the purchase of an electric bike, go to ausstech.com.au

To date, electric mountain bikes are among the most popular means of urban transport. Thus, investing in the purchase of this motor vehicle seems both economical and practical. However, buying a new electric bike should never happen out of the blue. Several criteria should be favored, including price. Without breaking the bank, it is useful to opt for a bike that is as well adjusted to your needs as to your purchasing power. The electric bicycle trade lists several suitable models, either a classic design, motorized or foldable electric bike design.. Electrically Assisted Bicycles or VATs are the most popular and adopted. This article breaks down some price ranges to help future riders better plan their budget for the purchase of an electric ATV.



Ausstech Super Z 26 M005 Foldable Electric Mountain Bike 

Ausstech Super Z 26 M005


Regular price$2,235.00 $1,500.00 Sale

It is undeniable that the electrically assisted model has a huge price difference compared to a regular bicycle. To obtain it, it is recommended to plan a budget of A$ 1,500 . In addition, the most chic versions benefiting from a futuristic design go up to A$ 2,000 or even A$ 6,000. The importance of this price difference is explained by the technological advancement of the design of the ATV, such as the options or the connectivity system. In this case, these high-end and quality collections are reserved for those with a fairly high purchasing power. Buyers can go to specialist brand stores to get a comfortable model suitable for cycling according to their preferences.  



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Top Electric Bike For Sale In Australia You Might Want To Check Out !!! 

Beach Rider 20 F007 Foldable Electric Bike for sale 

Beach Rider 20 F007

Beach Rider 20 F007 brings you that special feeling where less E means more riding. Whether you want to cover longer distances, reach epic locations, simply be more efficient on the road, or experience great adventures even more often, the RISE exceeds your expectations and sets a new standard in biking. Folding e-bikes are particularly popular among commuters, because their compact design makes them particularly useful. The constant new technologies and developments are causing more and more people to switch to a folding e-bike . With the latest battery packs, it is now possible to cover longer distances on a folding e-bike without any problems .

Regular price$2,300.00 $1,600.00 Sale



 Ausstech Super Z 26 M005 Foldable Electric Mountain Bike  Electric bike for sale

Ausstech Super Z 26 M005

Super Z 26 M005 immediately stands out visually from the test field. This is due to the technical features of the High-impact Alloy Aluminum Foldable Frame , which are clearly emphasized with black and gray color accents. The robust underrun protection that surrounds the Ausstech Performance rear  motor catches the eye just as quickly. The highlight: The motor was installed offset to the rear to better fit the frame.


Ausstech Monster 26” stylish Foldable Electric bike for sale Powerful Motor


Monster 26 M007

The frame of the Monster 26 M007 is as well thought out as it is high quality and skillfully integrates the system around the Ausstech rear motor. Downhill it is unbeaten in this group test On both flowing and really technical downhill routes, the Monster 26 M007 overtakes the competition like on rails and offers a lot of comfort even on tours. No other bike rewards an active riding style with such direct handling! And otherwise? Super wide range of applications, excellent handling, high-quality High-impact Alloy Aluminium Foldable Frame deserved test victory!  


Thunder 26 E-Bike M003

  Thunder 26 Electric bike and its compact geometry, it is very maneuverable, easy to control and fun on flowing downhill stretches. Although the rear triangle literally sticks to the ground, it provides enough feedback from the ground and offers enough support for jumping off and pushing. On rougher trails, the imbalance in terms of grip between the rear and front wheel becomes apparent. It's a shame, because the bike is very balanced in terms of load distribution and is very easy to control in open corners on a non-slip surface 


Fremont - M042


Regular price$2,500.00 $1,600.00 Sale



 Ausstech Thunder 29 Foldable Womens Electric Bike M003 electric bike for sale SYDNEY


Thunder 29 E-Bike M003

Thunder 29 E-Bike M003 chassis works very sensitively and sufficiently defined with the steel spring damper. It can handle rough chunks and heavy landings without a murmur and screams for more, even more speed. It prefers to generate this with the help of gravity in the fall line and takes away the horror of even super steep gullies and blocked stone fields. The Thunder 29 E-Bike M003 gives you so much security at high speed that you feel invincible!

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