E Bikepacking 2021 Best Outdoor Activity

Traveling and Camping on Ebike

What is ebikepacking?

When you take the best parts of Electric mountain biking and the best parts of backpacking and put them together, you get Ebikepacking. Ride, camp, repeat. That’s the mantra. Unlike classic bike touring, bikepacking is done primarily off-road on trails and mixed terrain. It is also  the art of taking all the travel essentials on a bike not equipped with so-called utility equipment such as luggage racks, front and rear. Basically, the frame itself becomes the luggage rack. It’s all about exploring (getting lost),  camping (eatinBlog postsg really well), and hanging with friends. If you’re intimidated by things like gear choices and routes, worry no more. The great thing about bike packing is that anyone can have a good time with it.

EBikepacking is on the rise: this activity teaches us a lot with little equipment; it is a mode of transport which is supported by downwind winds and which meets all the requirements that the new normality imposes on us: it is practiced alone, stays away from all agitation, is in contact with nature, strengthens our ingenuity breaks with routine and we come back with saddlebags full of experience. 

EBikepacking is not a very widespread activity. If one looked at a map of the world, the area where it is practiced would undoubtedly be in the United States and Australia. The key word is minimalism. There are three simple and classic storage bags : the one on the handlebars , for camping gear, plastic items and more, the bag under the saddle , for a change of clothes and the central bag, which fits under the horizontal tube of the e-bicycle. 

Ebike packing essential equipment and supply illustration

With these three bags, we obtain a capacity of 30 litters. But we don't need anything else, only three spaces to store the essentials, which when filled, weigh no more than 12 kg. These are three quick-release bags, distributed around the axis of the bike, which facilitate balance and handling and improve aerodynamics. This is why we should not talk about saddlebags: here, we must choose what to transport. 

Recharging an ebike in nature. 

You can carry energy in your backpack or in the car

bikepacker traveling on an Electric bike

rips and long sightseeing trips are very popular with Australian. They go further on the ebike and at the same time do not "juice" themselves so much, so they have the energy to explore new places.

As this year's Monster EBike Test showed manufacturers offer more powerful engines and better ride, but the range of ebikes has not increased much. And so on a long route it is sometimes necessary to recharge somewhere like a camping site with charging facility. Recharging will most likely allow you wherever you stop on the way, for example for lunch or stop over to any gas station or dinner that allows you to charge your electric bike battery It takes about two hours to fully charge the battery capacity

You can choose a better destination or stop over that offers facility  that allows you to recharge your Ebike battery.

Camping site Must Have, 

1. Demarcated and separate tent zone for cyclists and other non-motorized guests

The purpose is to separate the zone for camp visitors without motor vehicles from the zone with a shared space for camping and motor vehicle parking at the same time. The ideal solution is clearly separated zones of the camp for those who camp without a motorcycle and cars, and for those who have their motor vehicles parked at the site of a tent, cottage, etc. Such separate zones must be clearly marked on the camp plan and defined on site. If the parking of vehicles is solved separately, in a defined parking lot outside the accommodation zone, the separation of the zone for cyclists and other "non-motorized" guests is not justified. If you run a cottage settlement without a place to set up tents, please contact us.

2. Tent pitches shall be grassy, ​​as smooth as possible and level

The purpose is to define areas for the position of tents, which will allow comfortable sleeping in a sleeping bag. A flat, smooth and grassy area is ideal, which is regularly mowed and maintained.

3. Parking and parking possibilities for bicycles near tents, parking for bicycles on the campsite free of charge

The purpose is to allow cyclists to park their bikes safely at the tent area when the tent needs to be set up and unpacked. Bicycle parking on campsites must be free of charge. In the immediate vicinity of the tent zone, it is advisable to place stands or supports ("U" frames) on the wheels, to which the wheel can be locked behind the frame.

4. High-quality, preferably covered, parking space for bicycles and luggage under the supervision of the guest or a lockable room / boxes for free storage of bicycles and luggage

The purpose is to provide all camp guests with adequate space and a way to store their bicycles, especially in terms of safety. The most suitable is a clean, securely lockable room in the camp, set aside only for bicycles, equipped with suitable stands or hanging hooks. All bicycle parking spaces should be equipped with an eye for individual wheel locking, or separate cages for expensive bicycles.

5. Possibility of washing and drying clothes and equipment

The purpose is always to offer the client the possibility of washing and drying clothes as a complete service provided by the camp within 24 hours. A possible solution is also to provide a washing machine for washing and a room for drying clothes. If this is the only mandatory criterion that the device cannot meet, please contact us.

6. Providing basic charging facility like solar panel or charging station, availability of tools for simple bicycle repairs of Electric Bikes 

All cyclists, guests of the camp, must have basic tools and a suitable space for their own repair of minor defects on the bike, or for the replacement of spare parts. Depending on the availability of the campsite and bicycle shop. For the charging station or if the camp administration head quarters office allows you to charge your battery during the stay and repair equipment available to the guest should be considered. An unsuitable solution is tools in the workshop of the camp administrator or owner. Bicycle repair tools must be set aside and arranged in a portable package and available on request. If you are not sure about the quality or technical specification of the required tool and facility. 




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