The Electric Bike Makes You Want To Go To Work Employers Should Know

Working Commuter on his way to work an Ebike

The benefits of the electric bicycle

Fast and practical , the VAE is a gentle mode of transport, it is nonetheless one of the fastest in town and the least dangerous. With an average speed of 18 to 25 km / h, it is ahead of the car and public transport. Goodbye traffic jams, parking problems, strikes, downtime and other transport celebrations. Reliable and predictable, its only drawback for the user is that there is no longer an excuse for not being on time!

Fun and pleasant to use , the Electric Bike combines efficiency and pleasure. It allows you to regain your freedom when traveling. A source of well-being, relaxation and balance, cycling and more precisely the electric bicycle is a real antidote to stress and anxiety. Employers who choose the electric bicycle to allow their employees to go to work experience their journeys better and arrive more relaxed.

Sporty , while eliminating the stress of climbs and wind, it allows you to practice a gentle sporting activity that is beneficial to health while avoiding the drawbacks of fatigue and sweating. It therefore fits perfectly into everyday life by combining physical activity with utilitarian and professional trips.

Economical , the EBike is cost effective with low maintenance, use and insurance costs. It is easily shared and allows optimal financial and logistical management of the company’s fleet.

Eco-citizen , silent, requiring little infrastructure and allowing to avoid greenhouse gas emissions, the VAE is good for the environment and perfectly supports social and environmental responsibility initiatives. It creates the opportunity for the company and its employees to take concrete action, together, for a sustainable and responsible world.

commuter riding an ebike to work

Ausstech Electric Bike

Universal , the electric bicycle is the universal and anti-segregation mode par excellence. No need for a license, easy to use, less expensive than a car … it is accessible to all, fair and democratizes access to work.

Although the law allows the use of private bicycles for business trips, employees cannot be granted travel allowances for them. In addition, the acceptance of a bicycle as an equivalent means of transport requires specific services and facilities on the part of the entrepreneur (minimum covered and well-secured parking) and the entrepreneur is also obliged to issue internal regulations governing bicycle operation, including regular driver training.

On the part of entrepreneurs, there are often fears of a higher risk of an accident at work, which results from a higher vulnerability of cyclists. Although it is usually only an apparent danger (cyclists choose naturally protected roads — bike paths, quiet roads, where they are significantly less endangered than, for example, motorcyclists on the roads).

Commuting to and from the workplace is not considered a business trip from the point of view of the law, and the responsibility is therefore on the employee.

Bicycles owned by an entrepreneur or business company

For corporate purposes, it is possible to purchase a bicycle or ebike as a means of transport. The Ebike must be used as a means of transport — in the words of the law — “to achieve, secure and maintain taxable income” of the natural or legal person concerned. In this case, the bicycle must only be used for transport, not, for example, for representation purposes.

In practice, over time it has become customary to accept as means of transport mainly cars, to a lesser extent motorcycles. As there are not many company bicycles yet, they can still raise questions from the tax authorities. As evidence, a logbook should be sufficient, or Testimony of clients that the entrepreneur uses a bicycle — an electric bicycle in the performance of his gainful activity.

According to recent experience, tax authorities accept bicycles as means of transport without any problems, especially with regard to ebikes . The problem can occur, for example, with proving the purpose in the case of MTB bikes. In such a case, the nature of the business activity again plays a role.

As with cars, private use of a company bicycle for travel to / from work can be problematic. In such cases, the FI may refuse to recognize the costs of its acquisition and operation as tax deductible, or recognize them only in part. If the company owns bicycles, it can be recommended to operate them only for purposes related to the company’s activities (eg trips to clients, inspection trips, etc.).

Operation of bicycles for business trips

The operation of Electric bicycles during working hours is subject to the same rules as motor vehicle operation with regard to occupational safety. The employer should issue an internal regulation for this purpose, similar to the operation of cars. According to the Labor Safety Inspectorate, the employer’s minimum obligation is to organize driver training, which will include:

  • training in traffic regulations
  • instructions on mandatory bicycle equipment
  • acquaintance with bicycle operation (repairs, tools, contacts in case of defect, etc.).

In addition, the employer may also adjust other conditions, such as the mandatory wearing of a helmet, the way bicycles are stored, the use of business / private bicycles, material liability for company bicycles, keeping a logbook, etc. The employer may also order employees to choose a means of transport roads.

Travel allowances for business trips

In terms of travel allowances, the law allows the company’s employees to be reimbursed only for journeys made by motor vehicle. This regulation does not apply to non-motorized devices, resp. for this case there are no rules defined in the law . The tariff for the amount of compensation only takes into account motor vehicles. Only ebikes can be considered as motor vehicles . They are then subject to a flat-rate compensation

The employer may issue an internal regulation which grants the employee compensation for cycling. Such compensation will certainly not be tax deductible for the employer, on the contrary it will be subject to tax for the employee — i.e. exactly the opposite of compensation under the previous paragraph, which is a tax deductible expense for the employer and is not subject to tax. Such a solution is financially disadvantageous for both employers and employees.

When using a private bicycle, the employer may also use of the Labor Code. In this case, the income on the part of the employee is exempt from tax, for the employer the tax deductible expense will be:

At the same time, however, we must add that all the interviewed tax authorities commented negatively on the possibility of paying travel allowances for business trips on a bicycle.

Liability for accidents at work

On the way to and from work (i.e. travel between home and work, outside of normal working hours, which is agreed in the employment contract), the employer does not bear any responsibility for its employees.

On business trips, any injury is assessed as an accident at work. Most often in this case, these are traffic accidents, in which the procedure is the same as for accidents in a motor vehicle. The amount of compensation is decided depending on the police investigation; only on special-purpose roads must the employer investigate the accident at his own expense.

This investigation assesses compliance with the law, the degree of fault of the accident, and whether the employee acted in accordance with internal regulations.




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