Why Electric bike The Best Therapy Treatment Of Osteoarthritis

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Yes. Contrary to popular belief, it is quite possible to be physically active even when you have osteoarthritis. This not only helps maintain muscle tone, but also maintains good joint mobility. It remains to choose your activity. The Electric bike  is one of the must-haves for people with osteoarthritis. Let's see why! 

If you are suffering with a physical ailment, such as knee pain or arthritis, it can be difficult or  too painful or at least how to have a painless exercise to be part of your healthy regiment. Negotiating knee pain or injury, perhaps it is a sign of aging or otherwise, needs you to be mindful of how hard you are punishing yourself. Putting too much strain on your knees can add more to the problem and injury , and can lead to or possibly worsen the problem. 

Those  who are big fans of electric  bikes as a lifestyle,  either ebike aficionados or those trying to look for a less painful  form of getting fit, the question is: can you still ride an Ebike if you have arthritis and/or bad knees?  Individuals who are suffering osteoarthritis or  with knee problems  Medical experts suggest electric bikes as an excellent form of exercise. Electric bikes are one of the top of the long list  of suggested and less painful methods of rehabilitation for osteoarthritis and/or knee problems.

Why exercise when you have osteoarthritis?

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Often, people with osteoarthritis do not dare to take up sport for fear of worsening their state of health. This fear is unfounded. Exercising is not only recommended, it is an integral part of the treatment of osteoarthritis . On the contrary, a sedentary life and a lack of exercise will make the disease worse. It will also weaken the cartilage more than it already is. Over time, we can also fear a cracking of the cartilage, then the bone below.

As a reminder, osteoarthritis corresponds to a progressive wear and tear of the articular cartilage. The knees and hips are the parts of the body most often affected. Other areas of the body such as the spine and neck are just as prone to osteoarthritis-induced pain. Although there is no cure for osteoarthritis, exercise helps delay the erosion of cartilage. The pedalling movement indeed helps to strengthen and better irrigate the cartilage. The big question is: Can you ride an Electric bike when you have osteoarthritis? The answer is definitely yes, especially for those with osteoarthritis of the knee. Cycling not only protects the joints but also strengthens bone density.

To enjoy the benefits of the Electric bike , it is obviously imperative to be regular in its practice. The goal is to maintain good shape, not to burn out. A 30 minute ride and twice a week will be perfect instead of 2 hours of activities per week. You have to learn to listen to your body and give it the necessary time to rest after each activity. Indeed, too intensive practice can worsen osteoarthritis and cause severe pain in the affected areas. By putting too much stress on the joints, the cartilage will wear out more quickly. The rest period should not be too long either, at the risk of causing ankylosis and aggravating osteoarthritis.

If the practice of the Ebike is recommended for seniors and people with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, it is because it is a low impact activity like E-biking . It does not stress the joints of the body. We know that the knees are most often affected by osteoarthritis. Regular exercise of the Electric bike will strengthen the muscles of the legs and relieve pain.

Many arthritis patients have had doctors suggest Ebikes as a good primary form of exercise. Due to the pedal-assist nature of Ebikes, and the ability to control how much or little pedal assist you desire, this is a great form of exercise to do without worsening or putting more strain on your knees. the key to e-biking without applying unnecessary pressure and strain to your knees 

E bike for the treatment of osteoarthritis?

Woman suffering from pain in knee, Injury and find relief using ebike

Study was conducted on three classes of people with joint problems. This includes people with osteoarthritis of the knee; people who have had knee arthroscopy and people who have suffered a meniscal or ligament injury. The objective was to assess the effectiveness of the exercise Ebike both as a tool for preventing osteoarthritis and as equipment used in rehabilitation. The results showed that with age, patients find it more and more difficult to ride an electric bicycle. In particular, the participation rate decreases by 5% each year. The participation rate of women is also lower than that of men. The study also showed that the higher the body mass index, the more likely it is to experience pain while pedalling.

Experts evaluated the impact of pedalling rhythm on the health of patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. It appears that low intensity pedalling and high intensity pedalling are both equally effective in improving patient mobility. Used during the rehabilitation phase, the exercise bike both stabilizes his gait and reduces pain. The researchers added that to avoid injury, you have to think about choosing the right model of Electric bike and tailoring the activity to your needs.

Ebike is the type of Bike when you have osteoarthritis?


Before getting into the Electric bike, it is still interesting to ask your doctor for advice. Once he agrees, it will suffice to find out from professionals about the types of bikes recommended for people with osteoarthritis.

When it comes to choosing an electric bike  , you should know that there are several models, to name only the folding Ebike, the spinning bike or the semi-recumbent bike. The  Ausstech Electric Bike is recommended for people with osteoarthritis and joint deformities. It is indeed equipped with a larger and more comfortable seat, thus reducing lumbar tension. The pedals are also at the front, which simplifies pedalling. Finally, we will favour models with adjustable saddles, in order to ensure that the foot is correctly positioned on the pedal. This prevents pain in the joints.

The elliptical trainer is also recommended as part of a rehabilitation because it does not cause any shock to the joints. Often recommended during rehabilitation sessions, the Electric Bike improves joint flexibility and thus eliminates the risk of injury. Whether you choose to opt for the classic exercise bike, the semi-recumbent or the elliptical trainer , it is imperative to know the right settings and the posture to adopt. Indeed, even if the exercise bike is beneficial for the joints, the fact remains that improper use of the device or too intensive a rhythm can worsen the situation more than anything else.

What about the pedalling pace?

As for the pedalling pace , it is important not to exert pressure on the pedals and to put the resistance of the device as low as possible. The harder the feet and knee press on the pedals, the more pain it will cause. Regarding the frequency of use of the Electric bike, 20 to 30 min rides twice a week are sufficient. It is interesting to space out the training sessions so as not to traumatize the joints. With an elliptical trainer, the session should be done once or twice a week and should also last a maximum of 30 minutes to avoid weakening the knee.

Osteoarthritis: the benefits of exercising on the Ebike 

The pain generated by osteoarthritis can dissuade the patient from engaging in sport and especially the Electric bike since it continuously strains the knee joint. What you should know is that professionals recommend it as part of rehabilitation for its many benefits:

  • Cycling does not damage the knees: Contrary to popular belief, the practice of the exercise bike does not lead to a loss of thickness of the knee cartilage. On the contrary, the movement of the pedals helps to maintain the mobility of the knees in people with osteoarthritis. As it is a discharge sport, the joints are not in danger. Obviously, there are a few techniques that allow you not to tire the kneecaps, such as milling. More concretely, when pedalling, it is necessary to avoid adjusting the resistance to the highest, it is better to reel at low resistance.

  • Cycling by Ebike does not make osteoarthritis worse: Can you ride an exercise bike when you have osteoarthritis? Of course yes, but apart from inflammatory flare-ups and acute attacks. In addition, the practice of the exercise bike does not worsen osteoarthritis as long as you do not force your knees and pedal at a moderate speed. By putting too much stress on the joints, the risk of throbbing is to be feared.

  • Cycling on an Ebike as a treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee: Regular practice at a moderate pace not only improves mobility and flexibility of the joints, but also strengthens the cartilage and muscles around the knee.

Osteoarthritis and Electric bike: exercise according to your level

happy senior men cycling together on an  ebike

Osteoarthritis can be painful, but it doesn't have to be disabling. It is quite possible to continue to exercise, but at a moderate intensity. People who suffer from joint problems and are overweight, however, should talk to their doctor before taking the Electric bike at the risk of worsening the situation.

It is also important not to force the effort and not to cut corners. The physical condition is not the same as for an average person. Also, the efforts provided will definitely not be the same. Go gradually and start by building a muscle base which will protect the knees during the effort. Allow a few minutes for the warm-up phase at the start of the session and for the recovery phase which is just as important, because this allows the body to prepare for the effort and to relax afterwards. The training sessions must remain pleasant and be adapted to the age, health and physical conditions of the person. When you do not exercise properly, it can make osteoarthritis worse and relaunch pain.

Schedule training sessions

Rather than riding an Ebike once a week for 60 minutes per ride , it is better to schedule two 30-minute rides spaced out during the week. If it still requires too much effort then you have to go down to 20 minutes and opt for 3 times per week. Too hard an effort will traumatize the joints and exhaust the muscles.

As the duration of the exercise increases, so will the tension felt in the joints. If the tension becomes more and more strong then it will be necessary to stop the session. The joints should not be under too much stress. If twinges begin to be felt and the joint tension is no longer bearable then this is a sign that the effort is too sustained and that it is necessary to stop. In all cases, the goal is to relieve pain and preserve cartilage and not to injure yourself so you have to lower the pace.

To get the most out of the  benefit of exercising on an Ebike as part of osteoarthritis treatment, you must follow a healthy diet. The combination of activity and a balanced diet will definitely help the body to be in great shape.


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