Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Advantages And Disadvantages

Similar to fat tire electric bikes, Fat bikes have become very popular in recent years. Fun and easy to ride, the Fat bike is very successful and is often preferred for rides in difficult terrain. Equipped with electric assistance, it is the chosen one of many major brands which immediately released unique models. How to choose your electric Fat bike among all those offered on the market?


  • What is a fat bike or monster bike used for?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of a fat bike mountain bike?
    • The advantages
    • The disadvantages of the Fat bike
  • Why choose an electric fat bike?
  • What are the criteria for choosing an electric MTB fat bike?
    • The Ebike’s width of the wheels and tires
    • The Ebike’s  structure of the framework
    • The Ebike’s engine
    • The Ebike’s battery
    • The Assistance command


A Fat bike indicates above all a mountain bike with big wheels. It is an ATV that has the particularity of adapting to difficult terrains such as forests, snow, mountains, sand, and mud. The Fat bike is distinguished from other types of bikes by the configuration of its wheels which are wider than those of conventional bikes. It is this property that gives it a good grip on rough roads. and on the snowy ground. It is equipped with a frame precisely designed to make room for its oversized tires. In addition, the Fat bike has rims that are drilled to facilitate circulation in the air chamber as well as the absorption of various shocks. However, the tires must be inflated to a low pressure to promote good driving in difficult terrain.

In view of all the above, the Fat bike EMTB bike is ideal for riding in a relaxed way, exploring landscapes, having fun, and sharing good times in the effort and conviviality. It remains a solution for people who want to ride cross-country (athletics event which designates a nature race) on difficult terrain. The Fat bike is perfect for people who make mountain bikes, but also for those who prefer to ride quietly in order to cross new places. It is the best choice for anyone who wants to get away from the handlebars of their mountain bike.



A fat bike mountain bike has advantages, but also some disadvantages.


The Fat bike MTB bike has several advantages that make it a perfect big wheel mountain bike for relaxation and hiking. The fat bike has good grip on the roughest roads.

  • Thanks to the low pressure, the contact surface is enlarged. Since the tires of the Fat bike remain low inflated, they act as a shock absorber by absorbing the hollows or bumps in the terrain, which gives the Fat bike unparalleled comfort.
  • It gives you a certain relaxation. When you are riding a Fat Bike MTB, you feel unbeatable because you don't need to be in control.
  • The Fat bike has the ability to carry weights over the most unlikely terrain. Both uphill and downhill, the fat bike is able to keep weights in the most dubious places.
  • It is equipped with a strong and large frame that gives users good control over the wide wheels of the bike.
  • It is easy to maintain thanks to the simplicity of its equipment.
  • It has very good stability and is very maneuverable thanks to its 26-inch wheels.


  • The Fat bike is not the right bike for acceleration because it has oversized tires and their pressure is low.
  • It is not at all suitable when you want to cross country on easy and rolling terrain. Read More:   Pros & Cons Traveling With An Electric Bicycle
  • Fat bike tires are expensive.



Combining two fashionable "trends": the Fat tire electric bike coupled with the electric bike, the electric Fat bike mountain bike is more and more popular nowadays. Electric fat bikes refer to mountain bikes with electric assistance. They have tires that are distinctly wider than those of traditional bikes. This difference gives them a better grip on even the most arduous roads. In other words, electric fat bikes make it easy to ride over rough terrain. They make getting around much easier on sandy, snowy or muddy soils. The models on the market clearly demonstrate this fact. In addition to this, electric fat bikes contain motors, batteries, pedaling sensors, etc. These different components add more to the comfort of use and make the speed of the Fat E-bike more important. Another favorable point of this type of gear all-terrain with big wheels is its rims which guarantee excellent shock absorption. It is the perfect means of transport for your excursions in an environment hostile to conventional bikes.


Several important criteria must be taken into account when choosing your electric mountain bike (Fat Tires). They will help you decide which model is right for you.


Whether electric or not, the Fat bike is particularly defined by the width of its tires and wheels. This width must exceed 44 millimeters, and the tires must be wider than 3.6 inches. For the best electric fat bikes, the width of the tires can be up to 4.8 inches. This makes it possible to increase the contact surface between the ground and the machine. From this point on, the fat tire electric bike can easily circulate on unstable and amorphous terrain. Depending on the type of terrain (compact or soft), it is necessary to adjust the tire pressure so that they adapt to it properly.


As noted above, the wheels of an Electric Fat Bike MTB are very wide. The same goes for the seat stays, hubs, and chain stays which are just as wide. You will see it on the best models available on the market. However, no standard has yet been established on the specific dimensions of these elements. It is the same for the front fork, which must have larger sliders. As we have meant above, wide tires have excellent shock absorption capacity. This shows the reason why most electric fat bikes are equipped with a rigid fork. You can also find electric fat bikes equipped with suspension forks. Furthermore, the derailleur also constitutes a mechanical component of the machine. It is located more on the outside in comparison to the axis of the wheel. Under these conditions, the central movement becomes more extensive. 


Usually, the motor of an electric fat bike is spotted either in the pedals or in the rear wheel. But, on some models, it may be located in the hub of the front wheel. In the latter case, it is quite possible that the machine encounters grip problems. In terms of power, the minimum recommended is a 250 W motor.

In addition, the power must be released gradually, avoiding peak increases. Otherwise, the power surges would cause the wheel to skid if you rolled the machine on soft ground. Therefore, the motor should only be activated when the cyclist is pedaling.


As for the Electric Fat Bike, the battery should have a good arrangement between weight and capacity. The greater the weight, the greater the capacity. It is recommended to avoid that the weight of the battery impedes the handling of the machine.

Ausstech Monster 26” stylish Foldable Electric bike Lithium Ion Battery

Even the location of the battery is essential, as it must be installed so as not to compromise the stability of the machine. The ideal solution is the choice of a battery mounted on the tube located diagonally to the frame. The lithium ion battery is the one recommended for its good autonomy. Read More : 9 Ways to Charge Your Ebike's Battery While You Are On The Go


It is located on the handlebars of the machine and makes it possible to manage the various functions of the latter. For example, it favors the selection of the best level of motor assistance. The ideal is to opt for an electric fat bike which has 4 to 5 levels of service. A latest-generation control is an excellent asset, as it has the advantage of being fitted with maps and GPS technology. There are other selection criteria, but these will allow you to choose a higher quality Fat bike. 



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